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Forgive me, shoe gods, I have (once again) sinned.


Le Objet du Désir.

DANNIJO Zeppelin Boots.  Black.  Neon.  Glitter.  Cut-outs.  Combat Style.  Can you really blame me?


Love, SG

Footnote:  I purchased these here, they were on sale from $325 and I ended up paying under $100.  Good times.



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  1. February 14, 2013

    Very cool!!


    • February 14, 2013

      Thank you :) I was intending to wear them in NYC during Fashion Week but something called snow got in my way :)

      xo Sheela xo


  2. Mayabean #
    February 17, 2013

    Hi Sheela! Hot shoes!! Even hotter deal! Hope all is well with u! I see u sold the cream vest, yay!! I thought the other one fit great you said? :( You have some beautiful, exciting and eclectic things for sale in ur closet as always!! Wish I could actually shop! They won’t even let me. :( I can only window shop lol! Was booted for using pp. :( I’m so sad and miss special girls like you so much! At least I found u here, love ur Iil’ blog! :)


    • February 19, 2013

      Sorry, love, but no, it was too big :( I’m 2/4 so it just hung way too loose on me, I was sad. Oh, can you not open a new account and then no longer use PP?


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