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With a background in Journalism and Public Relations (with particular emphases on luxury fashion and lifestyle brands), Sarawakian born Sheela Goh finds infinite inspiration in the written word ~ through the countless imagery conjured in her mind by virtue of prose and poetry. In fact, she rather fancies each moment of her life as akin to a bejewelled picture book, all filled with magical worlds. Wondrous worlds wherein the impossible, becomes the everyday. A sparkling tome brought to life from a hyperactive (if somewhat neurotic) imagination and two perpetually restless hands.

Art ~ Textiles ~ Food ~ these, too, provide many a muse. And indeed, Sheela discovers opportunities in almost everything around her and often longs for additional time, which would allow her to seize the moment, over and over and yet over again.

When not poring obsessively over her blog, Sheela avidly seeks out antique books to add to her ever expanding trove. She’s particularly fond of those featuring the works of Edmund Dulac; Kay Nielsen; Virginia Sterrett; and Warwick Goble.

She readily confesses to spending way too much time in the kitchen and is (happily) guilty of not eating her greens.

Sheela is also the designer behind Eclettica The Atêlier, a line of unapologetically flamboyant bijoux, born out of a dare. Yes, a simple dare.

~ Courtney Love Cobain


Rock Queen, Courtney Love Cobain
Artiste Extraordinaire, Peri Lyons
Music Maestro, Tina Guo


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.The Alan Carr: Chatty Man Show (British TV)
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.Harpers Bazaar
.US Mag Weekly
.The Jewelry Connection: NowLive Radio
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~ with infinite gratitude to all bloggers who have mentioned and/or featured Eclettica ~


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