Author: Sheela Goh


Sequins & Sneakers, Project Sister Act 2

Kicks. Sneakers. Chucks. Trainers. Tims. Limous. Whatever you call ‘em, the sneaker culture has completely conquered the world despite initial catty quips over palette and textural choices. Personally, I haven’t been all that enamoured of the sporty look. I’m more of a glam-is-more woman when it comes to anything I wear, from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. Even my gym outfits are colour co-ordinated with random sparkles and/or other forms of glitz. I”m a magpie and proud of it. Still, one of my style objectives for 2015 is to (actually) wear sneakers (put it out to the world here and here so I’m somewhat stuck between a rock and a pair of sneakers).  With the gauntlet thus thrown, what’s Sheela to do? I’m really loving this sassy fun number from the great DVF (available here), my very first blingy piece? It’s beaded all over with silvery thingies, allowing me to slowly edge into the shiny world of sequins, sequins, and more sequins – yet another must do on my …


Mascara Mayhem

Yet another beauty post, you yawn? Yes, it’s the results of my mission to unearth the ultimate mascara and it’s mah partay so I’ll share it if I wanna GRIN As anyone bequeathed with short, sparse lashes would attest, it’s a neverending quest for that magic wand. One to lift lashes to the highest of heights. That would defy gravity. One singular wand to conquer them all. Then there’s that teeny matter of preference. What I want a mascara to do may differ from what you want it do for your lashes. I’m in search of length while your priority might very well be volume. Personal needs aside, I believe I might have finally found my magic brushes (yes, plural) but allow me to first introduce the menage a trois I dallied with. (from left to right) Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill, Too Faced Better Than Sex, Maybelline Colossal Cat Eyes. I’m positively in love with this mascara. It does things for my lashes I never knew possible. I swear, it makes them defy gravity. Seriously. With …



I have so many fond memories of Chinese New Year, of celebrating it with my parents and my brother. With my friends. Hunting around for that perfect first day outfit. Collecting angpows (or hongboas) and tallying my loot at the end of each day. Eating sweets and dishes served only once a year such as Pineapple Tarts (recipe coming up), Cinnamon & 5 Spice Duck, Steamed Sultan Fish, and now I must stop because my tummy is growling. Shhhh tummy. Anyway anyway anyway, this is a quick post as I still have dinner to cook but I really wanted to share my Chinese New Year Make-up Look with you :) traditionally, Red is worn on the first day to ward off evil and foster prosperity. Sheela? I always wore black with loads of accessories and strong make-up. Make-up used is all Nyx save for the Mascara (more on that in a separate gushing post) and the Glittery Silver liner. I realise this post is utterly uninspired but I promise things will revert back to BOOM …


My Fab Five

Earlier this year, I shared my Style Agenda with you. Some of you might recall how poorly I’d been treating my skin for the past 40 odd years (guilty as charged of going to bed with make-up still on, at least 5 nights a week). Since then, I’ve made it a point to really step things up and protect my face from the onslaught of age, and I do believe I’ve come a long way since that eighth day of January. Fact: I’ve only gone to bed with make-up on once. And forgot to use hand cream a scant three times. Fact: I slather on the various creams and serums and everything in between, religiously, each morning and night, without fail. Does it therefore mean that I now qualify to be a part of the beauty obsessed movement? My man thinks so, each time he glances in the direction of my burgeoning stash (never realising there are loads more safely ensconced within the protective folds of bedside table drawers, shhh). In the spirit of vanity …


Sorbet: Valentine’s Day Look 2

This second look is softer. Fewer steps. But no less pretty, in fact, I personally like this one a lot more than my first Valentine’s Day Look, Sugar & Spice. Perhaps because it was so easy that it took me under 10 minutes to complete Sorbet? On the face I used Clarins Teint Haute Tenue+ Everlasting Foundation in 107. I used the same pink eyeshadow Bella, (a wet/dry eyeshadow cum liner) from Addictive Cosmetics, for both eyes and cheeks. The green is this amazing concoction from Clarins called the Crayon Kohl in Intense Green, spot on for Spring 2015. My lashes are lashtastic-fantastic all thanks to the Clarins Instant Definition Mascara in Intense Black. And that luscious lip? The Clarins Joli Rouge Sheer in Coral Dahlia. You know what? I’m really beginning to like Clarins. So tell me, now that you’ve seen both Valentine’s Day looks, which do you prefer? Love, Sheela


Sugar & Spice: Valentine’s Day Look 1

I went to town with this look but because the colours used are neutral, I managed to achieve a sultry but not too sexy look that didn’t scream cliché on heels. And it’s something I could probably pull off any other day of the year, not just for Valentine’s Day. For the face, I used Clarins Teint Haute Tenue+ Everlasting Foundation in 107 (just launched and OH SO FAB and oh so sold out, sad face). For the eyes, I used Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Eyeshadows in Bianca’s Coloring Book, Anna’s Tea Set, Daniel’s Teddy Bear and Tom’s Stuffed Tiger with touches of “V” from the Tarte for True Blood palette. Over the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper, I dabbed on Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal Glitter Liner in Junkshow. On the lashes, I used Clarins Instant Definition Mascara in Intense Black. For the cheeks, it was Bella (a wet/dry eyeshadow cum liner) from Addictive Cosmetics. And on the lips, (my fave) Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Prague. I also created a second Valentine’s …


Mud On Your Face

Volcanic ash, carbon, and clay—no, this isn’t a geology lecture. It might seem odd to put rocks and ash on your face, but these earthy, mineral-rich ingredients work overtime to clear pores and scrub away dead skin. The concept of mud masks isn’t new. So too the use of Clay as well as Green Tea. Truth be told, the skincare market is overwhelmingly saturated with players a-plenty, all proclaiming to be the next best thing since, well, the introduction of mud masks to begin with. I was mud-mask shopping a little while back, in the hopes of addressing several (household) issues. Personally, I needed something to ward off the beginnings of fine lines and a potentially furrowed brow. My man proclaimed his face parched and in dire need of hydration. And my baby? She was sick of acne attacks on her otherwise flawless face (so I’m biased, lynch me). As it so happened, I was also on one of my all time fave blogs (love Keiko) and from her Naked In New Orleans story, I …



Pepto-Bismol, cotton candy, bubblegum, Molly Ringwald flicks, panthers and slips – what do these seemingly random things have in common? Why, the colour Pink but of course. Despite appearing delicate and charming, pink lipstick can be quite the challenge to wear. Choose the wrong shade and one could oh so easily end up looking either like a clown or a Crayola-town mascot. I’m all for the bold and the dramatic (read: Reds and Dark Purples) but more often than not, you’ll find me with pink lipstick. That and with Valentine’s Day about to descend upon us, complete with roses and scents and all things lovey and dovey, I wanted to share my current pink faves. Which do you like best? NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Prague. I love love LOVE this line of gloss-meets-lipstick hybrid. I love how it goes on like a lipstain with the richness of colour akin to that of a creamy lipstick. It’s majorly pigmented as you can see, goes on beyond smoothly and and and, just go buy it. …


Project Sister Act

Should I wear this? Can I wear this? Is it age appropriate? And that’s the crux of my story today. Dressing in the manner expected of our age. How is it that we are pigeon-holed into roles and, must therefore, dress in a certain way to play the part we’ve been assigned? How is that societal rules dominate our lives so? Leaving scant room for personal preferences? With nary a consideration for creative liberty? While we may, up to a certain level, place blame upon perceptions and expectations, it’s really up to ourselves to decide yea or nay. It’s our call and no one else’s. True, many single out “commandments” when putting together an outfit (some of whom could well use sound styling guidance themselves). Horizontal stripes. Hemline lengths. Sleeves or lack thereof. It irks me to no end to read things such as how women in their 40s should ditch the mini skirts. Why? If she has the confidence to bare those pins (with neither crotches nor thongs showing because no one wants a …


Love Child

There’s always been something in music from the 70s which has held me entranced for over four decades. I love the groovy vibe. Disco, funk, and soul in particular were genres which enraptured me. The smooth dance moves. The swagger. The exaggerated make-up. The turbans. The glitter. Oh, the glitter. For today’s look, I wanted to do something very Studio 54. Bold. Glamorous. And fun. Turban included. Tell me if you feel I achieved that. The palettes I used for eyes and cheeks were Vice 3 from Urban Decay as well as Smashbox Double Exposure. (clockwise from top left) For the base, I used Truth followed by Flushed for the outer corners of the crease. I then lined my upper eyelids with Bondage and added Alchemy directly on the middle part of the crease. (clockwise from top left) I created a double wing Cat Eye using Kat Von D’s Waterproof Autograph Pencil in Black Metal Love. Using Blanc, I lined half of my lower eyelid for some contrast. Next, I layered Metallic Bronze Glitter Make-up …