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3411a3dc-9436-4b09-8fe2-a64ef0d394eb_zpse2d46347Joining Houston Fashion Bloggers has been the smartest thing I’ve done in a while.  Since becoming a member in September, I’ve had multiple doors open up for me.  The most recent being a trunk show hosted by the world’s very first plus size supermodel, Emme, at Macy’s, Memorial City Mall.  Let me confess immediately that the event was an immense eye-opener.  A privileged insight into the world of plus size style.  It was such an experience that I had to split my thoughts into two separate postings, one of which will focus on the topic in depth.  And the other?  I leave you now with a gallery of event pictures :)

Emme9Emme, ever so statuesque and glorious. And by the side is lifestyle blogger, Randie.

Montage1montage2See anyone familiar? There’s Shalanda, co-founder of Houston Fashion Bloggers to the right!

Montage3Montage4This is where I asked Kate, the model in the centre, for her booties GRIN

Montage5Montage6I heart that dress to the left, I heart it so.

Montage8Accessories I really coveted.

I know there were others but the labels I recall from the runway are Elie Tahari, Ralph Lauren, Jessica Simpson, Lucky Brand and Michael Kors.  Do you have a favourite look from here?


Love, Sheela

When it comes to Halloween make-up, I gravitate towards the dramatic, the cool, the unexpected.  Anything gory or zombie-esque, no.  Anything with (fake) blood, big no.  Here are some exquisite looks I found while scouring the web.


If any of these images is yours, please tell me so I can extend credit?  If you’d rather I remove the picture, just say the word :) I hope you won’t, though, your work is magnificent.

2f32dbbc0e29bf8ecbc4ab21ddb7f975I’m probably going to do this one, the Queen of Hearts, because it feels appropriately diva-ish without being tacky ;)

What/who are you dressing up as tomorrow?


Love, Sheela

Where, oh where, were you,

Oh glorious gown so blue?

When down the aisle I walked;

Saying to my man, I do.


eliesaabElie Saab


I would so very happily get married again in any of these. To the same man, of course.  Wait, 2014 marks our 12th year.  I could always find a reason – renewal of vows, perhaps?

Which gown takes your breath away?

Love, Sheela

We interrupt our regular broadcast to bring you this curated line-up of Prada perfection.  When pre-loved is as pristine as it gets on The RealReal, it’s, well, perfect.

PRA33765_1_enlargedBrown Ombré Leather Coat, $675


Mid Calf Spectator Boots, $295


Silk Printed Bubble Hem Skirt, $145


Python Drawstring Tote, $1095


Silk V-Neck Dress, $245


Moto Jacket, $295


Satin & Lucite Wedges, $175


Embellished Purple Tessuto Clutch, $375


Red Bouclé Jacket, $225


Burgundy Wool Tweed Pumps, $125


Red Leather Belt, $125

Drool with me.

Love, Sheela

p/s I’m dying to get those Spectator Boots but the man is seated right beside me as I type this.  I fear for my life.

Hello weekend, I’ve missed you!!!

imageThat’s a picture I took of the three of us when we were at the Richmond Ave Farmer’s Market last weekend.  It was stellar.  And this weekend promises to be yet another epic affair because I’ll be at Macy’s Get Ahead Of The Curve event tomorrow afternoon, hosted by none other than Emme.  Who’s Emme?  Only the world’s very first plus size supermodel.  Hopefully, I’ll have photos as well as a few words with her to share come Sunday.

For now, I leave you with some awesome sauce nuggets from around the world wide web.

My admiration for Mr Obama grows.  The man has impeccable comic timing.

How we really feel at art museums.

Perhaps this will encourage my mum to get a Twitter account too.


And I leave you with an adorable little girl called Willow who’ll charm you on Instagram all October long.


Enjoy your weekend.

Love, Sheela

“Every designer needs a story. Mine is all about glamour.” ~ Naeem Khan

NaomiHarrisPortiaMichelle Harris & Portia di Rossi

amfar 121012Kate Hudson

HollandRodenHolland Roden

NicoleRichieNicole Richie

KateBeckinsaleKate Beckinsale

2012 CFDA Fashion Awards - ArrivalsPadma Lakshmi

110607_michelle_merkel_ap_465The dress that made Khan the third most Googled person in the world that day.

If you’re as big a fan of his couture creations as I am, you need to be at Fashion Houston.  Now in its fifth year, Fashion Houston will be held at the Wortham Theater Center from 18th to 21st November 18th BUT you don’t need to wait that long to pore over and covet beautiful pieces. No, you don’t.  As I’ve mentioned before, if you love fashion and you’re in Houston, you have to be at the Kick-Off Party, Friday night.  All proceeds from the night shall be channelled towards Dress For Success Houston.  Say it with me, altruism is sexy.

Tickets on sell here.


Love, Sheela

Having moved to Houston a scant four years ago, let me be the first to confess I’m still navigating my way around the local fashion scene.  Trying to identify pockets of creative dressing in between the Lincolns and the dressed-from-head-to-toe-in-one-colour figures (if you live in the area, I know you know what I’m talking about).  Finding that refreshing spurt of spontaneous freestyling amidst the clones. And it’s been hard.  It’s been really hard.  At the risk of death by faux diamond pelting, the style environment here is vastly different from what I’d been used to (I lived in Singapore for over ten years, with frequent work travels to Hong Kong and Japan where, when it came to dressing, everyone was tolerant and experimentative and fearless).

3411a3dc-9436-4b09-8fe2-a64ef0d394eb_zpse2d46347That is, until I discovered the Houston Fashion Bloggers.  This wondrous community has opened my eyes to what’s really happening when it comes to fashion in the heart of Texas.  Reminded me to dig deeper and look where I wouldn’t normally.  I love that.  And it’s also thanks to them that I came to know of Fashion Houston, what it is and what it stands for.


If, like me, the name rings no bells, you’re on the brink of being  (as) pleasantly surprised (as I was, am).

Imagine a single platform wherein fledgling and local designers share the limelight (and runway) with experienced, established names.  The showing of many varied aesthetics.  Each one striving to be heard above the din.  Imagine the adrenaline rush of watching models stride loud and proud down the runway, and you’re so close you could almost grab that pleated number off her back.  Into this talented mix, add stylemeisters, influencers, scribes, the ones that can make or break a collection.  That’s what Fashion Houston is all about.

ROW Call

2014 marks its fifth installment and this year flaunts a sterling line-up of designers.  Just sterling.  There’s Chloe Dao (Project Runway Season 2 Winner), Naeem Khan (gloriously flamboyant garments, does anyone else remember him as a Guest Judge on PR?), Tibi (picture perfect pieces), Grungy Gentleman (there is more to life than plain tee and ripped jeans, seriously), Valentina Kova (sleek, stylish, edgy).  Other luminaries include Amir Taghi, Bibhu Mohapatra, David Peck, Fabrice Tardieu, Jio’Zey Reys, Jonathan Blake, Little Black Dress Designer, M.C.L. x Matthew Campbelle Laurenza, Rami Salamoun, Rebecca Minkoff (woohoo), Rene Ruiz, Rolando Santana, Rubin Singer and Sameera Faridi.

Imagine all that.

Shining bright, yes, like a diamond in the night sky.

Fashion Houston is from 18th to 21st November 18th at the Wortham Theater Centre.  As I’ve said, if you love fashion and you’re in Houston, it would be quite the crime if you’re not there on Friday night, for the Kick-Off Party.  Especially as all proceeds therefrom will go towards Dress For Success Houston.  Altruism is sexy.

Tickets on sell here.  Go on, you know you want one. Or three.


Love, Sheela

p/s  In the days leading up to Friday, I’ll be showcasing several designers throughout the day.  Sort of a teaser.  Join me?

imageDo you see it in a new light?

In response to Refraction, a weekly photo challenge found here.


Shutterbug Sheela

Breaking news. You don’t get to wear thick, heavy garments in Houston because the big chill simply doesn’t make an appearance in this part of the world. So, for the most part, the closest we come to wearing sweaters are those of the Cotton, Jersey or Silk variety. Given a choice (and ample wallet), here are the ones I’d very happily sport to stay toasty.

hmprodRed Cropped Sweater, H&M $50

Old NavyCrew-Neck Sweater, Old Navy $28

JcrewDutch Floral Cropped Sweatshirt, J.Crew $75

CFischerWool Intarsia-Knit Wolf Sweater, Christopher Fischer $295

zaraSweater With Faux Leather Sleeves, Zara $40

forever21-striped-polar-bear-sweater--large-msg-135284738362Striped Polar Bear Sweater, Forever 21 $19.80

2235183_fpxCashmere Raglan Sweater, Charter Club $120

That red cropped number is calling me like a siren song. And I have such a thing for animal prints. Oh oh oh that piece with the faux leather sleeves? SO Sheela!!! Which is your fave?


Love, Sheela

This isn’t a timed writing piece born out of the need to complete a challenge. This is actually self-imposed. As I’d mentioned before, I’m rather enjoying writing within the confinements of a timeframe. I never know what will come out of my brain and into my hands as they type.

One thing that’s dominant in my mind at this very moment is waterfalls. I don’t know why though.


Not the sound of water gushing forth. Nor the imagery of beautiful blue water. Just the word waterfalls, imprinted on my mind and, I suppose, viewed through my mind’s eye. Isn’t that odd. Waterfall in graphic Black and White. And that’s another unusual thing because I always visualise and dream things in glorious technicolour. It’s something rare; I’ve been told. I’m glad. I can’t imagine not always seeing things in colour. It would be so sad.

Now, I’m suddenly thinking birds.

shutterstock_2672665Hitchcock’s birds and how, for the longest time ever, the mere sight of a bird would have me scuttling for cover. Have you read the book? I didn’t, but I was forced to watch the movie. My mother and brother are horrid movie buffs. There’s a special place in sparkling purple unicorn hell for them; I swear.

Is it normal to have momentary gaps in one’s thought process even if it’s free, unbridled writing?

Speaking of unbridled writing, I recall posting that that would be something I would dearly love to do on a regular basis. It would appear that I’ve been somewhat tardy in that department of late. Would it be alright for me to place all blame on the knee surgery and being doped up until recently?


Speaking of doped up. I’m very uncomfortable with the recent appearances of garments with the word DOPE. I fully realise the word can mean Cool or Fly or Very Good, but it still makes me feel iffy. And I know it’s due to the original meaning of the word. Wow. I felt incredibly archaic just typing that. Archaic and straitlaced but that’s how I feel. It bothers me to see the word DOPE accepted so easily and freely. Does that make me a puritan? Old-fashioned? Or simply that I do not subscribe to the ease with which society has amalgamated the word into everyday life, into fashion. Why? Because fashion is an immensely powerful influence. Don’t get me started on EASY. Oy.

Is anyone else concerned with the entire Ebola situation? I am but not so much about the virus spreading as I am with how the CDC is (not) handling it. The head of CDC comes across as incredibly spineless and inept, and that scares me. Does it scare you? That the state of our national health and its current absence of emergency crisis plans lie in the hands of someone who was unable to respond at all during a rapid fire Q&A session?

And that, my friends, is the end of today’s somewhat disjointed piece, all 15 minutes of it :)


Muack!! Sheela

p/s All imagery and links were added post the timer going off, naturally.


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