Author: Sheela Goh


Two Faced

Post the aftermath of (the dramatic) Goldeneye, I was keen to try something more subdued. A nod to the neutrals. More of browns and beiges and taupes, oh my. A look that could, with a few easy swipes of the brush, translate into something sufficiently sultry for the evening. Plus my friend Natasha had to be further enticed to cross over to the world of make-up and playing with colours (I’m incorrigible, I know). Here’s what I came up with for the day look. I applied Lucid all over up toe the brow bone then Black Milk onto the crease (both from Kat Von D’s Chrysalis Palette). Blend, blend, blend. Lined upper lash line with Napolitano, also from Kat Von D. Lightly smudged lower lash line, outer corners with MAC Red Brick Eyeshadow. Loaded on L’oreal Mascara in Black Black. For the lips, I used MAC Retro. Then in four quick steps, I changed it up a tad for Evening. I used more of MAC Red Brick on the crease and to further enhance the …


When Confections Get Groovy, Baby

I f you’re not into sweeties, you’re certainly of a rare breed. Or very strong-willed. As all pastry obsessives will likely concur, there’s something in that first taste of sweetness. I like to slowly wrap my tongue around it. Savour it. Ever. So. Slowly. Experience the heady rush of sugar. Be it an an affinity for layer cakes, tarts, or truffles, or, as it goes with the likes of Lisa Wolf, lollies and biscuits and marshmallows (oh my), sugar aficionados are united in searching for the next perfect bite. Beyond baking up nirvana, Lisa is one of the most sassy, intelligent and creative people I’ve been blessed to meet. Ever so eloquent, too. I absolutely adore the way she replied to all my questions. So much so that you know what? I’m simply going to copy/paste her responses here because they’re that epic. Mundane but necessary nonetheless, tell me about yourself. I’d describe myself as an oddly anachronistic character who tends to speak in a sort of backwards, slightly loopy and overly formal way. It was …


How To Write A Good Blog Post

Content is king. We know that. Finding your unique voice is everything. We know that too. We also know about killer headlines, good pictures, writing in the same manner as we speak (or close thereto) and the usefulness of what we’re putting out there. But how exactly do we achieve that? What constitutes a good blog post? With less than 90 posts under my belt since I began blogging in earnest last September, I’m certainly not claiming to be an expert on the topic but I do know why I keep going back to the same group of blogs and why I couldn’t be fussed with some, regardless of how popular they may be. Headline + Content + Visuals + Relevance. It’s all about the Fab Four. A headline to grab my attention. Content to keep me reading until the very end. Visuals to emphasise a point. And, this is by far the most important, how relevant is the information I’m about to absorb, how can I use it to better myself. The following is …


What Would Sheela Wear To The 2015 Screen Actors Guild Awards

I received my invite by hand, but of course. Personally delivered by a line-up of eye candy boys men, all ripped and wearing tees so tight they left little to the imagination. How could I say no? It is, after all, the 2015 Screen Actors Guild Awards. As we all know, I’ve never been one to blend in with the sea of taffeta and lace and gowns and trinkets. Instead, I plan on taking the Janelle Monáe route. Jacket, Free People. Leggings, lord knows. Inner Chiffon Top, Stylemint. Lacy Bra, La Perla. Eye and cheek make-up from Wet n Wild, Smashbox Double Exposure, LORAC Afterglo and Kat Von D. Black Suede Heels with Ruffles, Bakers. Neckpiece, JCrew. Lipstick, MAC Heroine. Whirligig, all mine. Walking the tightrope of reality has never been more fun. See you at SAG tonight, 8/7c. Love, Sheela p/s As always, photo credits to Eve.


Doing The Ombré

After seeing renditions from Keiko and Emily, I thought I’d give ombré lips a go. The original objective was to create a Black with Purple gradient but in the end, I went with a gilded finish. First, I lined my lips with Avon Ultra Luxury Lip Liner in Baby Pink (which is, in actuality, more of a Peach Coral), made it a thoroughly generous border. You might be wondering why such a light hue given the final outcome. Honestly? It was the nearest thing on hand :) I filled in the corners with Nyx Lipstick in Almost Black, first straight from the tube and then I evened it out with a lip brush. I used Nyx Alecto to fill in the rest of the lips and then added a dash of Nyx Hubba Bubba Waouh in the centre of both upper as well as lower lips for contrast. Make sure everything is blended nicely. Tadah :) it took less than five minute to create this look. Is the ombré effect something you’d fancy? And try? …


Pumped Up Kicks

Kicks. Sneakers. Chucks. Trainers. Tims. Limous. Whatever you call ‘em, the sneaker culture has completely conquered the world despite initial catty quips over palette and textural choices. Personally, I haven’t been all that enamoured of the sporty look. I’m more of a glam-is-more woman when it comes to anything I wear, from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. Even my gym outfits are colour co-ordinated with random sparkles and/or other forms of glitz. I”m a magpie and proud of it. Still, one of my style objectives for 2015 is to (actually) wear sneakers (put it out to the world here and here so I’m somewhat stuck between a rock and a pair of sneakers).  With the gauntlet thus thrown, what’s Sheela to do? Buy some sneakers, duh. I’m really loving this sassy fun number from the great DVF (available here), my very first blingy piece? It’s beaded all over with silvery thingies, allowing me to slowly edge into the shiny world of sequins, sequins, and more sequins – yet another …



Can I get any cornier? Sadly, I do believe I can. Easily. Make-up. This time, I had a plan. I wanted loud, shimmery eyes and a pale lip, a look I’ve never ever tried before. In the past, it was always either smokey eyes or kabuki red lips. I started with the face already prepped with MAC Mineralise Loose Foundation Powder in Medium (this is my daily go to). I use MAC Brush #182 for this, and yes I know it’s meant for blushes but it just smooths the powder on ever so evenly. Then I covered the lid with Lucid from Kat Von D’s Chrysalis Palette. Next was Thrash from Urban Decay’s Electric Pigment Palette (love, love, love) which I applied all over the crease area. Next, I smudged Make Up For Eve Artist Shadow in Matt Black in the corners right through to just before the centre of the lid, and blended as best I could. I used quite a bit of this to achieve the intensity I was looking for. Then, it …


Glum Day RX – Loubies

It’s painstakingly, well, painful, for me to keep a straight face when shooting outfit pictures. I can’t help myself. I try oh so hard to put on that “cool bitch girl face”, be all glam and nonplussed but inadvertently, my goofy side comes out to play. Especially on cloudy days when the sun doesn’t know it’s mandatory supposed to shine on. Interesting discovery – Loubies aren’t just made for walking and eliciting orgasmic gasps from onlookers. They’re also quite the remedy for a dreary day. Look at what they made me do. I suppose I could try harder to, you know, look blasé. Nonchalant, even, so long as  at the end of the day, I can look in the mirror (or at photos) and reconcile myself with the catchpenny version staring right back at me. Do you think #ootd shots should be magazine-esque or imperfectly candid? Do you ham it up for the camera too? Love, Sheela p/s Photos by Eve, thumb rings a gift from her.  Dress from Forever21 (sold out, options here and …


Just Do It

Is any one else psyched to get cracking on their resolutions? I, for one, am all set to make good on my Style Agenda for 2015. I want to get things started. I need to get things started otherwise nothing will be achieved and this time next year, I’d have chalked the entire experience down to two words. Epic fail. What I had in mind was to start small. Conservatively. Perhaps a new pair of sneakers? That doesn’t sound too ambitious, even if somewhat far-fetched for the sartorial likes of me. I thought if I got these, I could combine several objectives namely sneakers with sequins. Ish. I take it as a sign from God that my size is sold out and hunt on. Another cool possibility is this pair but sleep might prove elusive me when memories of the price tag come back to haunt me late at night (would you be willing to fork out that much for a pair that resembles what we wore to school, albeit on the spiffy end of the …


Purple & Green

This is the most make-up I’ve ever had on my face since, lord, I don’t know? Since I was 17? Apparently, the older I get, the less goo I apply and putting the stuff on was hard work. A lot of hard work. I know I said I was waiting for a haul to arrive but I was raring to start experimenting so I did, with what I had on hand. Note that the colours I used are very old. Most of them aren’t even available anymore (I’m throwing them out soon, I’m pretty certain they’re not supposed to smell that way) but I kept them because once upon a time, in another life, I was in charge of PR for the brands listed in this post #memories Back to the face. A few thoughts gleaned from this experiment:- (1) However a look you wish to end up with, multiply that by at least 5 to achieve the desired intensity of colours. (2) Primers are pivotal. Concealers too. Clearly, I used neither. (3) Clean, white …