Author: Sheela Goh


Marvellous Marsala

Bold. Sensual. Decadent. Glamorous. Daring. Inviting. Carefree. Fun. Is Marsala truly all that?   Yes, and more. For me, it evokes a sensation of utter sensuality and femininity tempered with a hint of playfulness. The perfect hue of sexy. Throw in the the fact that finding a perfect maxi skirt is an ever daunting task for those of us who are somewhat vertically challenged. Therefore, when this piece loomed into my vision, I jumped. Added to cart and paid for it in under 20 seconds flat. There’s so much versatility in this piece, even if it’s Faux Leather, typically reserved for colder days. At the time these pictures were taken, it was still Winter and pairing that luscious waterfall of Marsala Leather Panels with a Knit Top from Kissue TX was serendipitous. With Spring finally here, I’m all for crisp shirts with oversized collars, or crop tops with a harness. Aaaah, Marsala, you’re so fine, you blow my mind. Have you indulged in the colour Marsala yet? Love, Sheela p/s all photos by Eve.


Sheet Masks Are Taking Over

Fright Night, it might appear at first glance, but in truth, a sheet mask is possibly your face’s latest (perhaps bestest) BFF.   Glorious contraptions of every permutation and formula, designed to offer immense treats for the face, in the name of hydrating, brightening, tightening, lifting, nourishing, purifying, and everything in between. No matter the skin condition, there’s certainly a sheet mask poised to address it. Does that signal the death of the beauty salon industry? No, I doubt it but I do foresee a decline in the popularity stakes as many women, such as myself, grow increasingly appreciative of the benefits of applying sheet masks at home. Comfort. Privacy. Convenience. Practical. Picture this. Experience spa quality treatment in between writing a blog post, in the quiet sanctuary of my space. Over and done with in half an hour, max. Not all of us are at ease stripping off make-up in the presence of others (read: me) nor can we invest vast amounts of time in pamper-me-time, on a regular basis. We’re all busy, busy, …


The Fab 40s In Marsala & Denim

Project Sister Act has opened my eyes to so many things, not the least being to meet scores of fierce, independent women in their 40s.   When I started Project Sister Act, little did I know how many epic bloggers in their 40s were out there. Sharing their thoughts. Expressing their style. Having a blast making strides in the blogosphere. It’s quite evident how much the entire landscape has shifted and embraced an entire generation of women who don’t fall into the PYT category. Certainly, it makes sense. For sure, we have wrinkles, and more responsibilities, and bits which no longer defy gravity but typically, women in their 40s are comfortable in their own skins, calmer about the challenges they face. We are more confident, more aware of ourselves and what we will not put up with. Of course, we still don’t understand it all, but there is now an acceptance of how this whole life thing works. We are quicker to appreciate the most minute of things. Slower to linger in negative spaces, and …


What Would Sheela Wear To SXSW

SXSW, huh. You know, I’ve never been to a music or film festival, ever? I’ve been wanting to from the time I arrived in the States five years ago. Since Austin is but a mere 2 hours away from Houston, one would expect the trip to have been made years ago. But no not yet. Perhaps 2016. I dug in as deep as I could to find whatever semblances of Kate Moss as well as Nicole Richie vibes within me that existed. Tossed some Stevie Nicks into the mix. And I’m festival ready. Have you been to SWSX? How was it?? Tell tell tell!!!! Love, Sheela p/s photo credits to Eve, all the clothes and jewellery are hers. Shoes and KRZA headwrap? Mine. Linking up with Fashion Friday, Friday’s Fab Favourites and The Fashion Canvas.



There really isn’t very much else in the world that beats the exhilaration of scoring media ink. Mine’s in red.  I wrote about blogging frequently, and how that can oh so easily be perceived as must-delete-now spam. Tell me how your thoughts on the topic. How often do you blog? Links à la Mode: March 19 Alysa Lovely: Etsy Gift Guide: Bridesmaids Anami Blog: Spring in My Apartment Between the Pearls: 10 Steps for Contouring and Highlighting Endear: 4 Things to Consider Before Going Blond Everyday Starlet: Tinted Brow Gel Review for Blonds FemmeViolet: Shopping on a Student Budget Flip Flops and Furs: Keith Mitchell: Football Player Turned Yogi Kremb de la Kremb: Short Hair Bloggers Roundup Ms. Fabulous: Behind the Scenes at the Bryan Lars Fall 2015 Lookbook Shoot MsYolee: The Size Issue Purushu Arie: Trend Report: Stitch Detail on Seam Riva La Dive: DIY Marc Jacobs Bow Cape Sheela Writes: How Often Should You Post? Storybook Apothecary: My Spring Bucket List Style Bizarre: How to Take Your Blog to the Next Level Thareni …


The Culotte Conundrum

Are you as afraid of culottes as I am? No matter that these calf grazing pants are one of the hottest silhouette trends around. Neither pants, neither shorts, but a seemingly odd marriage of the two with an awkward hemline. Supporters rally around the touted fact that this particular cut flatters a wider demographic of body types. Personally, I’ve never been attracted to the half-pants-half-skirt look. Ever. Being short (read: very short at 5’1″), my mindset has always settled around the idea that culottes were meant for the lankier ones. And yet the fad has evolved into, yup, a staple piece (shudder). Yes, what was long thought of as dowdy and unflattering has become many a designer’s darling. That’s when I knew it was time to revisit the shape. To see what all the hype was and maybe, just maybe, reconcile with the (remotest) possibility that I might perhaps don a pair myself. Maybe. I’ll admit, a substantial part of their appeal lies in immense versatility, deftly going from office lunch to black tie. And …


Posting Frequently: When Does It Turn Into Spam?

Digital marketeers, (so-called) social media gurus, bloggers, corporations, and sundry, have all struggled with this quandry. What is the ideal posting frequency to keep your audience engaged, interested, and when does it veer from that to, well, spamming? As I write this, I realise I’ve made an unconscious decision to post no more than once a day. In fact, I pace myself (with calendar in tow) to avoid that little click of the mouse all bloggers fear, unfollow. Yet I see the likes of London Beauty Queen and A Cup Of Jo often posting twice a day, sometimes even thrice, and they’re wildly successful (A Cup Of Jo has over 43k followers on FaceBook alone, London Beauty Queen 32k on Twitter). The multi-post-a-day approach appears to be working for them/their brand. That said, every brand clearly has its own agenda and objectives, with an accompanying strategy towards achieving them. It is this very diversity which keeps us all continuously confused. On one hand, you have those posting no more than twice a week, pulling in …


Going For Gatsby

What lies behind that enduring allure of Gatsby, I wonder? There’s glamour, there’s grace. Sad magic. Compassion, romance. Glitz a-plenty. When it comes to the book, is it as much for what it isn’t as for what it is?  For what it reveals about Mr Fitzgerald’s obsessions or for what it reveals about the period it was written?  Stripped down, there is a man who makes a fortune, buys a large house, and quickly becomes the darling of Long Island. And all this in the hopes of getting back the woman he loved (and lost) five years earlier, from her husband. There’s a vibe of doomed romanticism which echoes that of Romeo & Juliet, albeit with a jazzy interpretation. Regardless, Gatsby-ism has circled the cult loyalty circle time and again over the years, and across numerous cinematic reincarnations. It does seem odd that, all things considered (my fascination with the era, the flamboyance, the attitude), this would be my first foray into Gatsby-inspired fashion but it is. And I can’t thank Twice Lucky Resale Houston …


Day & Night, Night & Day

So I had a new make-up look all ready to go (and I was really excited about this one, I tell you) but allergies decided to rear their ugly, bumpy heads and I’m left with some major breakout issues. Sigh. Since I’m not about to share how I look at this very moment (I realise it’s Friday the 13th but I’m not about to give you more food for the fright fodder), here’s something I came up with a few days back. This look focuses on debunking the myth that a smokey eye is best reserved for after hours. And spotlights the fact that by simply changing lipsticks, one can effortlessly transition the look from day to play. This is Day. And this is Night. Everything remains status quo and yet the mere switching of lippies makes a ginormous difference in the overall mood of the look. For eyes and cheeks, I used The Balm’s Nude Palette and then it was Photo (MAC) for a delicate, romantic lip followed with Almost Black (Nyx) for a …


Caviar, Anyone?

Generally speaking, I prefer my food where I can see it. On my plate, right before eating it. I do, however, make an exception when it comes to skincare. And caviar, more specifically. I’m not an aficionado of fish eggs (shudder) but, in the pursuit of eternal youth beauty a smooth complexion, I would happily spread it across my face if it helps to rejuvenate, renew, replenish. All the while praying that not a single little black ball falls into any facial cavity because that would be awful. Really quite awful. Stuffed orifices aside, I’ve long been a fan of how caviar has worked its way into the skincare and beauty industries but, until the last few weeks, never had an opportunity to experience the purported miracle effects myself. When it debuted in 1987, the La Prairie caviar collection was completely out of my reach, and, to be honest, my skin wasn’t in need of any back-up then. Good times. Long considered one of the most decadent foods known to man, caviar is (in essence) …