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Because I’ve Been A Fake & In Other News, Lace Is My Summer Must-Have

I owe each and every single one of you an apology. I really do.   Of late, I’ve fallen out of love with clothes and styling myself, and it’s shown in the way I’ve thrown things together. There’s been an absolute lack of creativity and passion in the outfits I’ve worn. Nothing looks effortless (save maybe that red dress), and I’m nowhere near enjoying myself. Life has taken a huge toll and you’ve been paying the price for that. You shouldn’t need to and for that, I am really really sorry. No matter what’s been going on in my personal life, fashion and clothes should always be a form of stress relief. A detox, if you like. Something I do to maintain my sanity and have fun. Always with loads of fun. When the fun is no longer apparent, that’s when I know I need to step away and re-evaluate. Which is precisely what I did and it, in turn, led me to come to the conclusion that I’ve been shortchanging you. I’ve been faking …

I Am Weak

Forgive me, shoe gods, I have (once again) sinned. Le Objet du Désir. DANNIJO Zeppelin Boots.  Black.  Neon.  Glitter.  Cut-outs.  Combat Style.  Can you really blame me?   Love, SG Footnote:  I purchased these here, they were on sale from $325 and I ended up paying under $100.  Good times.