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Playing With Prints

We keep repeating the mantra that fashion ought to be, above all, fun. And playful.  A true representation of our personalities. But too often I find myself hiding behind tried and tested formulas, sticking closely to what’s been proved instead of sticking my neck out, you know, exploring new territory. Does that tend to happen to you too? I have the greatest of admiration for those who flirt unabashedly with print and pattern, all perfectly put together in the name of go bold or go home.  Catherine puts together seemingly improbable combinations with a masterful hand.  Ann boldly goes where many of us dare not and does so with blatant joy. Sacramento Amate or, as she’s more popularly known, Mis Papelicos, attacks loud prints in even louder colours with gusto and electic chic. Also, I would be completely remiss if I failed to mention Kirsten and her knack for pairing graphic prints with strong colours to create striking outfits that make you wonder why you’d never thought of them yourself. And there’s Samantha, a newly …


Denim My Way

For those who’ve faithfully digested everything I’ve written since the early days, you’re aware that jeans hardly make an appearance on this blog. If ever.  I mean there was that occasion when Ann and I emulated the Man Repeller, making through 5 whole days with zero sighting of denim (yes, it was SO unbelievably hard) which, technically, reaffirms my lack of a relationship with denim. Oh oh and there’s that time when The Fab 40s strutted in individual interpretations of Marsala with Denim.  I chose the footwear route. So yes, Sheela isn’t much of a denim aficionado. Thankfully the global denim jeans market (which is projected to hit USD$65 billion by year’s end) is bursting at the seams with fans, ever ready and willing to don the blue, and with great panache too.   Don’t get me wrong. I do own jeans. One pair. Levis. Bootcut. Purchased in 2005. And while they do a wondrous job in making my 5 foot frame look a lot longer, leaner, taller, I’m simply not crazy over denim.  I …


My Week On Instagram

So it’s been quite the food-filled week with Father’s Day on the 21st as well as my husband taking me out for a lunch date on Friday. We try to do that every fortnight or so, give or take, more or less. In addition, we had yet another tropical storm alert, this time for Bill. And although no arks were ultimately needed, it made for a very wet and gloomy time. Here’s the calm before the storm. We all tried to enjoy the pool as much as possible leading up to Bill’s arrival. The Hibiscuses endured and prevailed. Alleluia. Because it was raining for the most part, we stayed indoors and I finally got around to opening my mountain of boxes/mail. This delightfully cheeky number is my Ipsy Glambag for May. Yes, May, and yes, my head is thus hung in shame. The weather cleared just in time for the weekend so we watched Inside Out in 3D. It wasn’t too shabby. For Father’s Day, we treated the man of the hour to crepes. Beautifully …


Poker Face

Third time in a jumpsuit, I know, right? What were the odds of that happening? Coupled with the fact that these photos were taken so long ago, perhaps two months back?  But I completely forgot I had them stashed away until this morning. And I must admit, I was hunting around (rather desperately, might I add) for some unused outfit images when I found these, lurking tucked away in a corner folder of my Mac. Thank you, blogging gods. Remember that jumpsuit challenge for the Fab 40s?  Well, this was my first option. A sleek, black, strapless tube jumpsuit with smocked bodice. I was all set to parade it but somehow, the entire look just felt way too safe to be a Sheela ensemble so this was shelved for another day. Set aside until today. I went full tilt with the comfy vibe by adding on that blankety-soft plaid cardigan. I think the asymmetrical hemline and fringe trims save it from looking too PJ-esque.  I mean, I hope so. And those mile-high heels too. My …


Free Spirited

In 2010, a fellow jewellery designer likened my personality and designs to transcending the boundaries of being bohemian. Her precise words were, “Sheela is such a free spirit and in shows in everything she touches.” At the time, I wasn’t quite certain what she meant. Was it to be taken as a compliment? Or simply chalked down to being labelled as a wishy-washy sort, someone with no clear direction? Five years later and I now understand what she was trying to convey. How being free spirited has permeated my entire way of life. It would be so easy for me to stay within the boundaries of societal expectations. Take for instance the world of blogging. I could very well dress in a manner that has become expected of someone my age and my build. Why, that might even expedite the potential success of my blog. But I choose not to, and not even consciously, to be honest. To begin with, I do not even have thoughts of dressing in a specific style that is (supposedly) …


An Actual #OOTD Post

When it comes to putting together an outfit post, in the absence of Eureka moments, here’s my default sequence of events:- > lay in bed the night before, mentally visualing outfits and trying to decide which accessories go with which, and generally working myself up to insomnia state > after a few fitful hours of sleep, I am up around 5am, and I go reheat the coffee my man brewed for me last night,  sip it slowly while trying to remember the set of outfits I’d finally settled on (between 3 to 4 looks, these last for a week until the next weekend shoot) > put on my Klorane Eye Patches to look as unpuffy as possible > lay down on the couch and wait for my photographer to wake up, our shoots usually start around 10.45am or thereabouts > put on an SK-II Mask around 9.30 to prep the face > paint my face put on my make-up > start shooting Note that during this entire process, it’s very likely everything I’d planned flies …


Sequins & Sneakers, Project Sister Act

Kicks. Sneakers. Chucks. Trainers. Tims. Limous. Whatever you call ‘em, the sneaker culture has completely conquered the world despite initial catty quips over palette and textural choices. Personally, I haven’t been all that enamoured of the sporty look. I’m more of a glam-is-more woman when it comes to anything I wear, from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. Even my gym outfits are colour co-ordinated with random sparkles and/or other forms of glitz. I”m a magpie and proud of it. Still, one of my style objectives for 2015 is to (actually) wear sneakers (put it out to the world here and here so I’m somewhat stuck between a rock and a pair of sneakers).  With the gauntlet thus thrown, what’s Sheela to do? I’m really loving this sassy fun number from the great DVF (available here), my very first blingy piece? It’s beaded all over with silvery thingies, allowing me to slowly edge into the shiny world of sequins, sequins, and more sequins – yet another must do on my …


Of Pink, Plaid & Punk Chains

Dear Forever21, Lately, my every waking moment has been filled with thoughts of you.  Of the wondrous treasures that adorn your racks. I’m almost embarrassed (but not quite) to admit how many times your cash registers have rung for me over the past fortnight alone.  Or how they now know me by name at that specific F21 outlet.  Or that they text me when new stock in styles that appeal to me, arrive.   But how could I be blamed for an absolute lack of judgment in the face of such gloriousness? Surely, oh reader, you agree that resistance is absolutely futile under these circumstances? And that rational thought is, put simply, non existent? Shameless Sheela p/s Photos by Eve.  Slouchy Suede Boots from Shoedazzle.  Karla Deras Snakeskin Ring, Kate Spade Great Expectations Clutch and Chan Luu Liquid Metal Waterfall Necklace scored on Poshmark. pp/s And those, my friends, are the somewhat bloated bits of someone who’s just had knee surgery.  Trust me, they’re looking much better now :)


A Rose Tinted View

I was browsing websites of some high-profiled bloggers a few weekends ago. I do that often actually, in the hopes of picking up a few tips on how to act in front of the camera. Lord knows I could do with some help and heaps of variety :) through the course of my recent fact-finding adventure, I realised how very similar many of their posts looked. Beautiful, yes. Perfectly captured, but of course. Professionally edited, definitely. So, my mind says, why don’t we come up with an entire #OOTD post featuring rose filters? Because, you know, la vie en rose and all that? While I do appreciate the quasi-artsy vibe of the photos, I do think they make it harder to appreciate the smaller details. Or perhaps I should just do more close-ups? What say you? Voilà. Fait accompli. Love, Sheela p/s photo credits Eve Low pp/s Anthropologie Dusky Rose Avant Pleated Top (available here), Brown & Black Capri Pants (customise your pair here), Yellow Marble Gold Tone Cuff (from here), Rings (old) and Convertible …

The Asian Dumpling Goes Out & About

Living up to the nickname I bestowed upon myself (hey, thanks, Poshmark team), I took a gander and braved the -1 Degree Celcius weather on Thursday afternoon.  Here are a handful of the photos I took while out and about. Truth be told, I didn’t snap as many as I’d expected nor hoped, and this was because, as I sadly realised, my Digital Camera (while perfect and wonderful for close, cropped shots) is simply not the appropriate tool for outdoor pictures.  It’s just not the right camera for that genre of photographs. In case you’re wondering, I took a shot of Waverly Place for my daughter who adores Selena Gomez and her TV series, “Wizards of Waverly Place”. After about 45 minutes of sauntering around, the tummy growled and I decided I fancied of a spot of Asian food (I know, right?).  Morimoto, it certainly wasn’t, but here’s what I had for a very late lunch at the Empire Szechuan Village which is located on 173 7th Ave. I had a chip with a dip.  …