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Forgive me, shoe gods, I have (once again) sinned.


Le Objet du Désir.

DANNIJO Zeppelin Boots.  Black.  Neon.  Glitter.  Cut-outs.  Combat Style.  Can you really blame me?


Love, SG

Footnote:  I purchased these here, they were on sale from $325 and I ended up paying under $100.  Good times.

Come outside, and come play.


Butterfly, Butterfly.

Spread your wings, and fly away.


Love, SG

Living up to the nickname I bestowed upon myself (hey, thanks, Poshmark team), I took a gander and braved the -1 Degree Celcius weather on Thursday afternoon.  Here are a handful of the photos I took while out and about.


Truth be told, I didn’t snap as many as I’d expected nor hoped, and this was because, as I sadly realised, my Digital Camera (while perfect and wonderful for close, cropped shots) is simply not the appropriate tool for outdoor pictures.  It’s just not the right camera for that genre of photographs.


In case you’re wondering, I took a shot of Waverly Place for my daughter who adores Selena Gomez and her TV series, “Wizards of Waverly Place”.

After about 45 minutes of sauntering around, the tummy growled and I decided I fancied of a spot of Asian food (I know, right?).  Morimoto, it certainly wasn’t, but here’s what I had for a very late lunch at the Empire Szechuan Village which is located on 173 7th Ave.


I had a chip with a dip.  That chip with that dip was da bomb.  The latter being a chutney of apple with mango and pineapple and dried plums, all kinds of yums.


But of course it’s Unagi Sashimi, did you really think I wasn’t going to have any?


My massive entré ~ Stir Fried Shrimp with Thai Basil.  Not quite what I was expecting but I ate all the shrimp.  I like shrimp.  Very much.  Very very much.

All things said and done, I did what I could, and I hope to still be able to impart a modicum of what I saw, through these.

Love, SG

p/s I made it out of New York City just before the blizzard hit, phew.  When we were lining up to board the plane out of Newark, a guy offered me $750 for my ticket.  Like woah.

Although I did not get to meet you in person, Mr Iron Chef, I experienced the most sublime of culinary sensations at your Chelsea restaurant last night and it was quite the orgasmic nosh.  An affair I shall never forget.  Suffice to say, resistance was beyond futile, and we, my appetite and I,  succumbed rather happily to partaking of as many scintillating offerings as the waistline of my Cheetah print skinny jeans would allow.  Note to self: wear stretch pants the next time.


I started with a Clam Miso Soup which was completely forgettable. Granted the molluscs were very fresh and the broth, light, but I was expecting something wow from the Iron Chef who brings his own Ice Cube-esque Smoker and creates furniture out of bread.


Next, I had the Kakuni – now we’re talking.  AMAZING. Just AMAZING.  Morimoto’s take on the traditional Cantonese brekker of congee with braised pork belly was delicious, particularly with those light tendrils of crispy fried Sweet Spud.  It wasn’t a WOW moment, it was an OH MY GOD moment.  Apparently, the meat is slow braised over very low heat for, get this, 10 whole days.


For my entree, I chose Duck, Duck, Duck, thinking I was in for a treat of an edible ménage à trois, and was terribly, terribly disappointed. It was crispy duck, it was tasty duck, it was moist duck but I could’ve gotten all that from any decent Asian eatery. And the foie gras mousse?  Practically nonexistent.


And then dessert arrived, and the sun shone in my world once more. Apple Bread Pudding. Three innocent words for the most incredible sugar trip, ever. The pudding itself was a masterpiece of apple with pineapple, light and fluffy on the inside, crispy on the outside. The Green Tea crumble provided just that right amount of bitterness to counter the saccharine levels of the pudding while the creme fraiche was sufficiently laced with brandy to put a smile on this face ~ see :) the finishing touches of Mango Sorbet as well as a platter of fresh fruits completed the Morimoto gastronomical adventure.

I’ll be going back tomorrow (well, I hope to), to try a fish or lobster dish, I’ll let you know how that works out.

Love, (a very stuffed) Sheela

p/s everything is a tad on the salty side here.  Be forewarned.

New York, New York, why must you be thus cold?  Do you not feel the tiniest modicum of sympathy for this woman from the tropics (and, these days, from Houston)?  You’ve got her all bundled up like an Asian dumpling.  A travelling Asian dumpling, no less.


Entering the Fashion District and my Egyptian-born cabbie goes to town with the horn.  Only in New York (and Kuching, and Calabria).


Turning the corner into West 28th Street, and you can see remnants of snow from the morning.  It’s all a tad mushy and slippery and grey outside though.


Think what you like, say what you think, but I do firmly believe this is the most important bit/tool of any hotel room.


The wallpaper in my hotel room.  Trippy or what?

First night in NYC and I pig out at Morimoto’s.   In fact, I think the other patrons around me were taking bets on where I was packing it all in.  Oink, oink.  Can you blame me?  When you’re in the same vicinity as the restaurant of an Iron Chef, YOU_JUST_PIG_OUT.  Resistance is futile.  More on that tonight.  I have to start getting ready for IFBCON, super excited and nervous, and hoping I won’t fall asleep (the traffic outside kept me up and woke me at 4.34am, yawn).  That’d be rather awkward.

Talk to you guys from the Altman.

Love, SG

p/s I did dream of Puff The Magic Dragon

There are days when I eschew my natural instinct, and go for the adult version of Sheela.  It’s a rare occurrence but it happens.


A truly brief post this will be, I’m a few hours shy of boarding that plane for New York City.  I’m scared and excited, anxious that I won’t be as well-dressed or stylish or skinny or, you know, as good as any of those experienced bloggers attending IFBCON ~ what if I get tongue-tied and become “that” one person nobody talks to???  ARRRGGGGHHHH I have to deal with my insecurities and my fears, and try to have as good a time as I possibly can :)

Love, SG

p/s Outfit details ~ Harajuku top and Vintage Gold Tone Tie Necklace borrowed from Eve, Wool Pants with Leather/Buckle Cummerbund (thrifted), Vintage Gucci Doctor Bag (from my man last Valentine’s Day), Brass Spiked Cuffs (thrifted), and Suede Peep-Toe Heeled Ankle Boots with Ruffles (online)

I. Am. Freaked. Out.


IFBCON is in 4 days and I haven’t packed.  Worse, I haven’t even planned what to pack.

Pray for me, SG

“Chartreuse, the only liqueur so good they named a color after it” ~ Death Proof, a Quentin Tarantino flick.


I do believe I lit up my surroundings with this outfit.  It’s all sorts of colourful, is it not?  There’s an entire parade going on yet it seems to work (that’s what I’m going with, anyways).  Eye-popping hues, effusive prints, stained glass effects, Bollywood cuff, oh and the hair.  Let’s not forget about the hair.



Gah.  I’m still squinting, damnit.



And then, there were those shoes.  I fell in love with them the moment I laid eyes upon those cathedral stained glass heels with that Royal Blue Suede upper.  In fact, my infatuation stretched across the purchase of two pairs, the second being with Black Suede.  Yes, insert sheepish grin here, I tend to do that.  Purchase things in multiples.  Particularly when it comes to shoes.  As though you didn’t already know that by now.



Purple Wolf Head Pendant fashioned from Clay.  It’s from this amazing store called The Rogue & The Wolf which is in the midst of a superb sale so go forth :) and that stunning Stag ring?  It’s thrifted.  Do you not also adore my Bollywood Cuff??  It’s the perfect mix of Turquoise with Gold.  Sidenote:  how is it that when I try the all pouty and sassy pose, I just end up looking somewhat cross-eyed and just, well, cross?


“Beast Mode” ~ To flip out; lose control; be overwhelmed with anger. Origin: Beast Wars- Optimus Primal would “go Beast-Mode” and change into a powerful and forceful animal.  Can you tell that this is one of my favourite gym shirts?


Concocted by French Carthusian Monks since the 1740s, Chartreuse is composed of distilled alcohol and a potent mix of 130 herbal extracts.


Hey, posing is tiring.

Incidentally, Chartreuse is also one of the handful of liquors which continues to age and improve in the bottle.  Read:  there is hope for me.

Love, SG

| outfit details ~ Chartreuse Cardigan (part of a twinset) thrifted, Floral Overload Leggings, Bollywood Cuff and Stag Head Ring all thrifted, Beastmode Tank from Etsy, Purple Wolf Head necklace from The Rogue & The Wolf, and FUNKYDOODLE Wedge Booties from I can’t remember where |

According to those in the know, that is.


Amen to that.

Love, SG

I am not a blogger. I am a writer.


I am a writer and I have things to say.

Who are you?

Love, SG


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