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It seems almost sacrilegious to pledge allegiance to just one designer.  Basic fundamentals aside, is fashion not about reinventing oneself?  Being constantly unexpected?  Eschewing predictability?  Do we not hear the doyens preach the pertinence of being fresh, being new, being different?  With that mindset, I pen my thoughts and explain how I, being enamoured of multiple labels, can stay true to all without being disloyal to one.

An ode would be amiss without the inclusion of the Japanese sensei, Issey Miyake, the man credited with creating organised chaos from calm.  His deft hand in manipulating fabrics into dimensional pleats was the catalyst to my passion for the seemingly frivolous world of fashion at the age of 7.  I recall quite distinctly that my very first design was actually inspired by a bucket of water that was in the bathroom of my parents’ home in 1983.  I was fascinated by the stark contrast created by the steel, rigid curved handle against the soft, plastic which was used to fabricate the body of the bucket.  Sidenote: imagine what a wondrous world we would live in if we never lost sight of seeing beauty in everything???

Issey Miyake

Next we have the Mad Hatter.  That’s Philip Treacy to you.  What a brilliant, mad genius.  His eccentricity is what convinced me to always march to the beat of my own drum.  Always.  Very often, it’s easy for us to kowtow to the parameters (or expectations, shall we say) dictated by society and to mould our personalities to conform thereto.  The Mad Hatter has taught me otherwise, and I am forever grateful for that.  I have fond memories of wearing Black Suede Pixie Boots with Black & Silver Harem Pants topped with a Black Tube Top (yeah, that’s what they were called back in the day) and traipsing around town with Metallic Copper Lippy, all under the hot 34 Celcius sun that was typical of life in Sarawak.  And this was 1986.  Good times, good times.  Somehow, along the way of growing up and (attempting to) act(ing) like a mature adult, I grew conscious of what people would think.  I really need to stop that.  Like really.

Philip Treacy

And, naturally, like many others, I too had a tabernacle set up in the name of McQueen.  I worshipped his broody, dark mind, so powerful in its stark bleakness yet so incredibly vulnerable in its evident fragility.  I worshipped the power of his madly glorious confections which were, simultaneously, empowering as they were endearing.  And I anticipated his next collection with as much relish as a man thirsting for water in the desert, truly.  His ability to create the wearable out of the clearly unwearable was pure genius.  To turn the classic into something utterly avant garde, brilliant.  To see beyond just looking.  This is going to sound incredibly clichéd but I’ll say it anyway ~ he helped me realise that you MUST look past the obvious to find the unusual.  You simply must.  While that might sound elementary, it’s certainly something many of us should remember (and put to use) these days.  Without doubt, the impeccable craftsmanship and deployment of unapologetically flamboyant colours continue to this day but, for me, Ms Burton’s pieces are devoid of that raw edge so clearly evident in the past, leaving the garments to appear as, well, merely beautiful garments.


And that, ladies and gentlemen, about sums up the three top brands I would quite happily kill to work with :) which are your choice labels?

Love, SG

p/s many thanks to IFB for putting this as the week’s challenge, it was fun :)

There are days when I eschew my natural instinct, and go for the adult version of Sheela.  It’s a rare occurrence but it happens.


A truly brief post this will be, I’m a few hours shy of boarding that plane for New York City.  I’m scared and excited, anxious that I won’t be as well-dressed or stylish or skinny or, you know, as good as any of those experienced bloggers attending IFBCON ~ what if I get tongue-tied and become “that” one person nobody talks to???  ARRRGGGGHHHH I have to deal with my insecurities and my fears, and try to have as good a time as I possibly can :)

Love, SG

p/s Outfit details ~ Harajuku top and Vintage Gold Tone Tie Necklace borrowed from Eve, Wool Pants with Leather/Buckle Cummerbund (thrifted), Vintage Gucci Doctor Bag (from my man last Valentine’s Day), Brass Spiked Cuffs (thrifted), and Suede Peep-Toe Heeled Ankle Boots with Ruffles (online)

“The police have asked for my help. There’s been a murder.”
“A murder! Oh, my. Let me just change my shoes,” Evie said excitedly. “It won’t be a minute.”
Libba Bray, The Diviners







My very first pair of Christian Louboutins.

I’m all grown up now.

Love, SG

I’ll come clean.

I’m so NOT a button-down crisp shirt type of woman.  I never have been and I’ve never contemplated the notion of defecting to any other camp of thought.  So you can imagine the sensation of dread I experienced when I read the details of the Independent Fashion Bloggers Project for this week.  Yes, IFB Project #80 ~ Menswear, For Everyone.

~ insert cringe, a second cringe, and a third for good measure ~

Does it thus come as any surprise that I’m turning in my outfit post based on the theme at the 11th hour way past the deadline?

23rd January 2013 01

Cut me some slack.  I’ve had chronic insomnia for over 20 years now, and didn’t sleep much the night before.

23rd January 2013 02

Finally coaxed a smile out of me, huh.  Hey hey, I changed my lippy for this shoot :) instead of my usual Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Stain in Lovesick (I love you, Emma Stone), I’ve got on Cover Girl’s Matte Lipstick in #330 Divine.  It’s my latest to-go hue.  I like how the colour is matte and I need so little of it to make an impression, plus the pink isn’t overtly Barbie with that hint of exotic orchid.  Flirty sans the girly.

23rd January 2013 03

Love the rips.  Gives those leggings (actually, they’re leggings with an attached mini) some street cred.  From Herban Devi.

23rd January 2013 04

White Button Down with those adorable bunnies is vintage :) from Hong Kong and belongs to Eve (my turn to pilfer from your closet, ha!).  That Neck Tie Necklace is also vintage, from Vintage HQ.  The Wooden Claw ring is contemporary and I can’t remember where I got it from.

23rd January 2013 05

Killer Biker Babe Heeled Booties from Bakers, a gift from my man.  As you’ve probably already noticed, I wear these a lot.  I know you can’t see them but my toesies are painted as well in Lucy – It Girl from Julep.  It’s a sexy and sassy Plush Burgundy.

23rd January 2013 06

Isn’t that Yellow + Black Plaid Underbust Corset-cum-Vest thingy so McQueen?????  I’ve had it for several years now but could probably count the number of times I’ve paraded it outside on one hand.  Shame on you, Sheela.

23rd January 2013 07

Cute!!!  Squeal!!!!!

23rd January 2013 08

In case you haven’t noticed, I dyed my hair – again.  I was going for something a lot more purple but ended up with this subtle Burgundy colour, and I’m not too pleased with it.  I’m realising that finding vivid purple hair dyes that do not stink to high heaven and which work well and do not kill my hair is quite the challenge.  Thank you god for eBay and Schwarzkopf.  I’m currently waiting for my shipment of Live Color XXL 87 Mystic Violet to arrive.

23rd January 2013 09

Despite their height, these heels are meant for walking.

23rd January 2013 12

Styled the hair differently too, less curly, more wavy.  Which do you prefer?  Straight?  Super ramen curly?  Or this look?

23rd January 2013 10

Spiked Cuff is Black Leather and from Etsy.  Can’t remember the name of the store, though.

And so endeth my visual soliloquy on sartorial sense and sensibilities.  Cough.  Well, tell me what you think.  Be honest.  I can take it like a man.

Love, SG

p/s Ok, so I kinda enjoyed how it all turned out.  Kinda.  Shhh.


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