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Swing Out, Sister

At this point, I think it’s clear that I’m a product of the 70s and one who loved thrived during the 80s British new wave music scene. I can’t help it. Sarawak is, after all, an ex-British colony. Not that any of that relates to my post save for the title, I’ll admit. But hey, it’s my party and I’ll swing out, if I wanna, sista GRIN that sounded wrong on every level, I know. In other news, these photographs were actually taken a little while ago and I somehow managed to forget they existed. Do you know, it’s the very first time I’m wearing a coat which isn’t Black. I’m loving it!!! And yes, it’s a little challenging to wear shorter skirts and heels when my knees are still recovering from surgery but then again, vanity trumps sanity. Incidentally, I’ve only just discovered a trick many a seasoned blogger has been leveraging on the longest time ever – the power of shades to not only hide tired eyes but also add some oomph to …


What Would Sheela Wear To The 2015 Screen Actors Guild Awards

I received my invite by hand, but of course. Personally delivered by a line-up of eye candy boys men, all ripped and wearing tees so tight they left little to the imagination. How could I say no? It is, after all, the 2015 Screen Actors Guild Awards. As we all know, I’ve never been one to blend in with the sea of taffeta and lace and gowns and trinkets. Instead, I plan on taking the Janelle Monáe route. Jacket, Free People. Leggings, lord knows. Inner Chiffon Top, Stylemint. Lacy Bra, La Perla. Eye and cheek make-up from Wet n Wild, Smashbox Double Exposure, LORAC Afterglo and Kat Von D. Black Suede Heels with Ruffles, Bakers. Neckpiece, JCrew. Lipstick, MAC Heroine. Whirligig, all mine. Walking the tightrope of reality has never been more fun. See you at SAG tonight, 8/7c. Love, Sheela p/s As always, photo credits to Eve.


Doing The Ombré

After seeing renditions from Keiko and Emily, I thought I’d give ombré lips a go. The original objective was to create a Black with Purple gradient but in the end, I went with a gilded finish. First, I lined my lips with Avon Ultra Luxury Lip Liner in Baby Pink (which is, in actuality, more of a Peach Coral), made it a thoroughly generous border. You might be wondering why such a light hue given the final outcome. Honestly? It was the nearest thing on hand :) I filled in the corners with Nyx Lipstick in Almost Black, first straight from the tube and then I evened it out with a lip brush. I used Nyx Alecto to fill in the rest of the lips and then added a dash of Nyx Hubba Bubba Waouh in the centre of both upper as well as lower lips for contrast. Make sure everything is blended nicely. Tadah :) it took less than five minute to create this look. Is the ombré effect something you’d fancy? And try? …


Glum Day RX – Loubies

It’s painstakingly, well, painful, for me to keep a straight face when shooting outfit pictures. I can’t help myself. I try oh so hard to put on that “cool bitch girl face”, be all glam and nonplussed but inadvertently, my goofy side comes out to play. Especially on cloudy days when the sun doesn’t know it’s mandatory supposed to shine on. Interesting discovery – Loubies aren’t just made for walking and eliciting orgasmic gasps from onlookers. They’re also quite the remedy for a dreary day. Look at what they made me do. I suppose I could try harder to, you know, look blasé. Nonchalant, even, so long as  at the end of the day, I can look in the mirror (or at photos) and reconcile myself with the catchpenny version staring right back at me. Do you think #ootd shots should be magazine-esque or imperfectly candid? Do you ham it up for the camera too? Love, Sheela p/s Photos by Eve, thumb rings a gift from her.  Dress from Forever21 (sold out, options here and …


Just Do It

Is any one else psyched to get cracking on their resolutions? I, for one, am all set to make good on my Style Agenda for 2015. I want to get things started. I need to get things started otherwise nothing will be achieved and this time next year, I’d have chalked the entire experience down to two words. Epic fail. What I had in mind was to start small. Conservatively. Perhaps a new pair of sneakers? That doesn’t sound too ambitious, even if somewhat far-fetched for the sartorial likes of me. I thought if I got these, I could combine several objectives namely sneakers with sequins. Ish. I take it as a sign from God that my size is sold out and hunt on. Another cool possibility is this pair but sleep might prove elusive me when memories of the price tag come back to haunt me late at night (would you be willing to fork out that much for a pair that resembles what we wore to school, albeit on the spiffy end of the …


My 2015 Style Agenda

Like many, I ended 2014 talking about resolutions (here and here) but as mentioned to my friend Marlene, I made a conscious decision to not make any for the next 12 months. I know I’ll be completely despondent when I don’t keep any of them (it’s with dead certainty that I know I shan’t be able to keep any, let alone a list) so I decided to not even put together a list to begin with. However, I’m making a conscious decision (wow, two in a row) to work on my style objectives for 2015. I conceptualised. I strategised. I devised a timeline. And came up with my Style Agenda for 2015. Here’s what I have in mind. (1)  I want to wear things I’ve never tried before. Crop Tops. Palazzo Pants. Sneakers. A poufy Tulle Skirt. The colours Yellow and Neon Green. Boyfriend Jeans (BIG maybe). A Jumpsuit. Sequins, without looking (too much) like a throwback to the 80s. (2) And I want to wear more of what makes me feel like I could …


What Would Sheela Wear To The Rainbow Lodge

A few days ago, I reviewed my 2013 resolutions (yes yes, I skipped a year) and documented my progress. Now, I’d like to talk about a less abstract objective, that being how I want my style to evolve this year. For one, there are a few things I swore I’d never try but (shudder) I shall in 2015. Or die trying. Or endure a penalty not as physically taxing but no less painful. Hence the birth of a new column I shall baptise as What Would Sheela Wear (WWSW). Here’s where I walk the tightrope of reality. Teeter, on occasion, but not fall. Be a little costumey even. It’s where I shrug off all fraudulent pretense of “this old rag? I just threw it together without a thought”, and go on character trips through fashion. Today’s debut What Would Sheela Wear segment highlights what I wore to New Year’s Eve Dinner at the Rainbow Lodge. This is a gorgeous, palatial-esque log cabin, 100 years old, sprawled across an acre of grounds. Imagine a luxurious snow …


I’m Bringing Bootie Back

Guess what? It’s SO cold today!!  So absolutely, wondrously, fantabulously cold here in Houston and I couldn’t be happier :) it’s certainly the time to whisk out those jackets and coats, a few sweaters, and multitudes of undershirts.  AND for some bootie shopping. Acne Studios Pony Printed Ankle Bootie, $750 Illiana Suede Wedge Booties, $77 BCBGMaxAzria Metild Pointy Toe Bootie, $167 Dollhouse Criss Cross Ankle Booties, $35 Zara Ankle Booties with Track Soles, $139 Luxury Rebel Shayla Sheepskin Leather Booties, $129 Why oh why do I only have two feet??? Love, Sheela


The Occasional #OOTD

I work from home.  What that means is most days, I’m in a comfy (raggedy) tee shirt with cotton lounge pants or capris (inevitably Black or Navy), and socks.  That’s it.  Hair done up with a clip so huge, my head resembles a poodle just out of the pet wash.  Absolutely nothing worth noting let alone photographing.  Which is why, when I do put up an outfit-of-the-day post, there’s considerable planning involved. Selecting the outfit (this can involve wearing something incredibly flamboyant, and posing right outside my house, for the entire neighbourhood to see).  Said planning, at times, also involves looking ahead.  This is when you find me clad in something thin towards January or, on the flipside, frantically snapping pictures in between beads of sweat rolling down my face as I’m cocooned and swaddled in Winter clothing during Spring/Summer. Moving forward, backward, sideways, smiling, not smiling, whichever whimsy strikes my young but oh so finicky shutterbug.  All in the name of the hashtag OOTD.  #ForReal. And, my friends, that explains why I don’t publish …


Coats To Covet

We interrupt our regular broadcast to tell you that TEMPERATURES ARE FINALLY LOWER here in Houston!!  Epic happy face!!!  Maybe, just maybe, one of these will be hanging in my closet, soon. Hooded Cape, Soia & Kyo $298 Cashmere Blend Cape, St John $995   Faux Leather Trim Walker Coat, Via Spiga $200 Mink-Fur-Trimmed Persian Lamb Coat, Fur Vault $6650 Convex Car Coat, The Laden Showroom $91 Cape Coat, Warehouse $180 Hooded Faux Leather Trim Belted Coat, Betsey Johnson $120 Shawl Collar Colour-Blocked Cape, Calvin Klein $200 Plaid Coat with Removable Knit Sleeves,Yigal Azrouël $2195 Take a wild guess which two colours I’m eyeing for Fall. What about  you? Love, Sheela