Month: November 2012

In The Words Of Charles Mignus

“Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity” ~ Charles Mignus I wanted to put together something effortless for our virgin trip to the Renaissance Festival (blogged here).  And the challenge was to create a deceptively simple, uncluttered look that would still be able to convey a hint of the dramatic, to represent me ever so perfectly.  I think this worked 🙂 In a soothing hue of Camel, the classic cardigan is made spot-on-trendy with that oversized slouchy fit and given a twist of glam with the addition of an EXQUISITE and tremendously soft, plushy Faux Fur Collar.  Your regular humdrum tank is kicked up a notch or twenty with an ink blot motif made of a Rorschach print by none other than Project Runway winner Mondo Guerra. I thought the red picked out the highlights in my hair wonderfully. Worn with comfy black leggings (because vanity does not always trump sanity) and the most darling Vintage Inspired Riding Boots.  I know, Sheela in flats?  Will wonders never cease. …

R Is For The Renaissance Festival (never ever again)

So after three long years, I finally made it to the annual Texas Renaissance Festival.  This is a series of eight themed weekends beginning from October and culminating with a Celtic Christmas 3-day weekend just around Thanksgiving.  It. Is. Massive. Hundreds of costumed performers and close to 400 shops spread across a charming 55-acre village about 1.5 hours from Houston.  The drive itself was uneventful, just me and the husband and Eve and her friend Rachel. We got to meander along shaded cobblestone walkways, browsing little shops overflowing with unique arts and crafts,  and here’s the kicker, I managed to refrain from buying every single thing in sight!!  I limited myself to just two tops, well, one tee and one cardigan.  And to sampling some rather delicious fare. Then there was the entertainment 🙂 well, one part of it anyways.  Like I said, this place is GINORMOUS. Another act we caught snippets of was Clan Tynker ~ a 5 member performing troupe, all family. We then all tried our hand at archery ~ err, not …

Fee, Fi, Faux Fur

I love fairy tales ~ does it show? I’m still getting to know my Coral Painter Lite. (trying to) Strike A Pose Brown Faux Fur Shrug worn with a stunning Hi-Low Jersey Black Top which features brass skulls.  I paired these two exquisite garments with sleek Black Leggings and killer Nikita Boots. Brass Choker/Necklace with Fool’s Gold and Chains a-plenty. See those skulls??  LOVE LOVE LURVE. Vintage Ferragamo Bag. A gift from my man, this is one of my all time favourite bags – a vintage Ferragamo featuring gorgeous wild animals, leather and some hardware.  Just phenomenal. From the back. See how beautifully that Jersey top drapes?  And yes, I have red hair 😀 Seated. Trying to act all cool and nonchalant as only a 40 year old can. Femme Fatale Boots. Another (perfectly chosen) gift from the man ~ what can I say, he’s from Italy 🙂 And that’s all there is for now, there isn’t anymore. Love, SG

Give A Girl The Right Shoes & She Can Conquer The World

Walk Tall, Walk Proud And that’s the Gospel truth. Love, SG

Pre-Thanksgiving Baking (aka The Tale Of Pilfered Cookies)

The scene pre-Thanksgiving. The raw ingredients. Yes, I have a red mixer. Yums. Picture perfect pastry poofs. Me want cookie. Where cookie go? YOU!!!! I’m making Chocolate Chip Cookies, or so I think.  I bake a batch, I leave them on the cooling rack, I come back with the second batch and baked sweeties are gone.  Perpetrator completely without remorse.  Incidentally, this happens four more times (one batch for each child and a fourth for the man).  I throw my hands up in the air in exasperation and bake no more.  For that day. Love, SG

Devil’s In The Details (Ain’t That The Corniest?)

Here’s a montage of what I wore over the weekend ~ see, it’s not always about shoes. Clockwise – Array of spiked cuffs (it’s almost as though I’m obsessed, isn’t it?), Ginormous Flower Ring, one of my fave pairs of Gladiator Booties With Thumbtacks, and Pachyderm Ring + Snakeskin Bracelets + Barbarella Cuff Love, SG

Quick Shoe Post

Vintage Inspired Brown Riding Boots With Laced-Up Fronts & Side Zippers Black Slingbacks With Silver Spikes & Skulls Mod A La Twiggy Print & Colour Rainbow Laced-Up Booties Neon Pink Laced-Up Booties With Buckles & Studs Rust Brown Wedge Booties With Laced-Up Fronts & Spikes Princess Of The Universe Metallic Silver Patent Peep-Toe Heels I’ve been remiss, I know.  And there’s a special place in (style) hell for people like me, y’all (and yet another different kind of hell for Asians who attempt to talk Texan, le sigh).  It’s not that I haven’t thought about blogging or, perhaps far more importantly, figured out what I wanted to write.  Life has been pretty hectic of late, and I just could not get around to doing everything I wanted to.  So, I’m praying fervently that I’ll be able to cough up multiple posts today, as acts of contrition, for having missed posting on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. I shan’t promise that they’ll be as sequential (or chronological) as they ought to be but I give you …

Friday, Funday ~ Bless This Mess

                It is what it is. TGIF, all. Love, SG

Shiny, Sparkly, Sassy

Razzle. Dazzle. Two of my favourite words in the entire English language.  Blumarine amped these and then some in its Fall 2012 Ready-To-Wear Collection.  Just look at those shiny hues.  Those picture perfect prismatic cuts.  Blinding and dazzling and simply bombastic. Which is your ultimate look? Blumarine F2012 RTW Collection Look 12 Blumarine F2012 RTW Collection Look 35 Blumarine F2012 RTW Collection Look 41 Blumarine F2012 RTW Collection Look 42 Blumarine F2012 RTW Collection Look 46 Blumarine F2012 RTW Collection Look 50 Blumarine F2012 RTW Collection Look 51 Blumarine F2012 RTW Collection Look 55 Blumarine F2012 RTW Collection Look 57 Blumarine F2012 RTW Collection Look 60 Where are those shades??? Love,SG

Majulah Malaysia

I was born in Kuching, the capital city of Sarawak which is one of the 12 states making up the country of Malaysia ~ a thriving but small nation located in the heart of South East Asia.  Yes, born and bred and (for the most part) proud of it. This is such a moment. Street style a la Malaysian.   Love, SG