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Coram Boy, VPL & The Scent Of A Woman

This post is long overdue and I mean looooong overdue.  My oldest, R, plays the viola (he switched from violin this year) and is part of his school orchestra.  During the Texas Thespians Festival, we were honoured to not just host theatre students from the Fort Bend Independent School District, R was also part of the accompanying orchestra for Coram Boy.  Granted (I felt that) it was an overtly dragged out production but on a whole, Coram Boy a la Texas wasn’t too shabby 🙂

I have deciphered a thing or two about outfit posts ~ either I need more generic locations or I need to expand my repertoire of locations for shoots.  I must investigate which expressions work for and against me, without coming across as too much of a drag queen on a bad day.  And I must ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS check for VPL from all ways and angles.  Dang.



That’s one of the loveliest neckpieces I own. A vintage perfume bottle concoction, previously owned by Jane Aldridge.


I love me those ankle booties.  I love me wedge ankle booties in general. Can you tell?


IMG_6283I call this my Triceratops Dress.  It’s fabulous from every angle, unlike me, grr.  Asymmetrical sleeves, one short with a funky patch of sharp silver spikes, the other longer and draped into one singular fluid line to the back wherein it cascades to the, ahem, hiney.  It’s long and comfy and stretchy and really rather gorgeous.  It even managed to make munchkin me look a little less munchkin.

That scent bottle?  Just darling.  It’s an authentic vintage, gold-toned scent bottle with an iridescent somewhat rainbow finish and matching dropper.  Those crest-like accents are very detailed, opulently covered with ornate etchings. I added a few drops of my YSL Pour Homme into it (I wear colognes for men, I find female perfumes sickly sweet), grabbed a short sleeved Red Leather Jacket (also vintage, from Zara, with asymmetrical collar and zippers galore) because with that darn cast still there, long sleeves are far too challenging, and my rock queen wedge booties, and I was all set.

Man, I really wish I’d checked from every effing angle.

Love, SG

p/s do you have an embarrassing photo which makes you cringe and laugh, all at the one same time?



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