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(Inter)Stellar Intentions

So that we’re clear, I had every stellar intention to post these pictures when they were taken which would be, ahem, two Sundays ago.  C’mon, it’s been a rollercoaster fortnight 🙂 anyways, I “did” take photos of a week’s worth of outfits and will be uploading them across the next few days.  Pinkie promise.  Ish.


I was also determined to make this more than a fluff piece, you know, but I think that’s what we’re getting for today.  My train of thought has been derailed, if the wheels were ever set in motion in the first instance.  Oy.

Now, we all know that the devil’s in the details and therefore, the procession of pieces put together for this post (quasi tongue twister) is comprised of ~ a Mace Brown Shrug thingy which is older than Eve.  Yes it is.  Purchased in Singapore circa 1996.  And I said Mace because it’s that time of the year and I rather fancy the scent of Mace.

Over, no, under this brown sugarness is a glorious dress of galactic proportions.  I had to.  It’s this strapless confection with a bustier top which has actual boning inlaid within the bodice.   Certainly not the complex steel structure typical of the real McCoy but sufficiently sturdy to hold things together and in place.  Then there’s that skirt.  That divine fabrication of nebula prints.  I love love love it.

Wanting to avoid looking overtly contrived, I decided that my new Michael Antonio Suede Fringe Heels would be the perfect splash of zesty colour to complete this visual composition.  These shoes are genius, in my humble opinion.  Intricately cut with laser into those baroque swirls and twirls, and finished with flirty tassels which sashay in tune with the rhythm of my booty.  Heh.

Having a cast does impede the wearing of accessories so I kept it simple.  A set of two rings which you can wear on the one same finger or adjacent to each other, fashioned like ivy vines.  And a rather cool spiked/studded brass necklace.  I like how lower temperatures are allowing me to wear metals around my neck and shoulders.  The absence of sweat means no rash of Herculean proportions.  And that, my friends, was officially TMI.

Love and love, SG


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