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The Steadfast Tin Soldier & The Love Skull

Once upon a time, quite a few years ago, a little Chinese girl from Borneo sat alongside her older brother and listened enraptured as their mother read to them aloud, a tale from Hans Christian Andersen ~ The Ballerina & The Steadfast Tin Soldier.

Fast forward close to three and half decades later, and that story has stayed with me.  Perhaps it’s because of the underlying note of self-sacrifice, doom and tragedy which are not characteristic of children’s stories.  The absence of white picket fences and happy ever afters.  And, of course, that subtle nuance of desire as well as passion which had, prior to that, been completely lacking from any Andersen composition.









































































































I must confess to experiencing more than a pang of sadness whenever I recall the little metal hero.  His act of utter devotion to the ballerina and how, in some interpretations, she is portrayed as arrogant, self-absorbed and completely without a heart.

Happy endings are so perfect in an imperfect world.  And for many of us, they provide a means of escapism, a respite (if you will) from what’s actually out there.  Reverse the scenario and that was pretty much the kind of relationship I was always in prior to meeting my man.

And that’s why I chose to wear my Vintage Articulated Tin Soldier Necklace with this particular LOVE Skull Sweater.  Such a lovely visual paradox, a garment contradiction of sorts.

An affirmation that love can exist.  That soul mates can discover each other even if they are separated by three continents.

I’m a sap.  A diehard romantic and I freely admit to it 🙂

Love & Love, SG

p/s in that emotional outpouring, I completely forgot about outfit details!  I’m wearing an Oxblood & Black LOVE Skull Sweater (the front black portion has a a slight shimmer) with gorgeous Baroque Denims from Forever21.  These are finished with killer Military Combat Heeled Boots (from the man), a treasured Louis Vuitton Cherry Blossom Monogram Canvas Accessories Pochette Bag and my favourite cuff from Unearthed.

pp/s as you might have deduced by now, my make-up is pretty simple and standard.  MAC with a touch of blusher, loads of mascara (Asian lashes need tons of help) and a lippy.  That’s it.  I couldn’t be fussed to do more, honestly.


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