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Sheela’s List Of (Hopeful) To Dos For 2013

So here they are, in random order:-




















(1) Attempt running

(2) Eat a green or two or three

(3) Bitch less ~ well, bitch quietly

(4) Wear more blues and greens and yellows

(5) Read blogs other than my own

(6) Tackle flats (ya, right)

(7) Get another tattoo

(8) Learn to love my freckles (yes, they’re freckles not age spots)

(9) Bake my first bread

(10) Love more

What are yoursTell me tell me tell me!!

Love, SG

p/s the photo isn’t a show of narcissism … well maybe a tad BUT they’re more to illustrate point (8) xoxo


  1. Screw flats, they’re over rated and terrible for your arch. Your freckles are awesome (and I say this with confidence as another sun sprinkled sister). And, my new way shove greens in my body is to drink them (although it’s not cheap). Whole Foods sells Blue Print Cleanse “green” drinks that I love, nicely spiked with apple and lemon so they go down easy.

    Happy 2013!


    • Hahahahaha!!! Yeah, screw flats, Becka!!! They’re utterly overrated and do absolutely nothing for vertically challenged me!!! I’m trying to eat greens but arrgghhh, I can’t stomach the juices they squirt when you bite in/onto them. If seasonings don’t do the trick, I’m headed towards Whole Foods with a ginormous empty cart, I tell ya. AND IT IS OFFICIAL. I LOVE MAH FRECKLES. SISTAH. xoxoxoxo

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