Monday Mix (Final Line-Up Of Frou Frou For 2012)

Ah, to own even a single item from this week’s Monday Mix.  Le sigh.  Le sigh of infinite bliss.

Final Collection McQueen Angel Jacket view 02

Silk, Chiffon, Tulle, Leather DressDemeulemeester Black Wedge BootShrimpton&Marketa Handmade Vintage Dior Fabric ClutchSynclastic Raised Hammered Textured Ram Horn CuffMcQueen Enamelled Skull Bangle

(left to right, clockwise from top) Alexander McQueen Final Collection Angel Jacket from Shrimpton Couture, Hand-Dyed Silk, Tulle & Leather Poetic Aviator Dress from Lumme Designs, Anne Demeulemeester Black Wedge Ankle Boots, Shrimpton&Marketa Handmade Vintage French Fabric Clutch available here, Hammered Textured Copper Ram Cuff from Hammerhead Designs and Alexander McQueen Enameled Skull Bangle from Net-a-Porter.

Love, SG

p/s I’m the proud owner of four garments from the genius known as Tiina who’s the brains behind Lumme Designs.

pp/s My next buy?  That cuff.  Oh yeah so don’t try sneaking it away from you.  I got mah eye on you.


2 Replies to “Monday Mix (Final Line-Up Of Frou Frou For 2012)”

  1. Oh… I’m not worthy of your flaunting my stuff ;))), but I thank you from my Heart!!! I LOVE them Ankle Boots by the way!!!! When are we going to see YOUR gorgeous jewelry here ??? Love, Tiina. PS. the Cuff… well, it can be your when you are ready… even in some other color if you wish :)!


    1. You are definitely worthy and then some 🙂 you’re like the rockstar of edgy leather garments!! Those ankle boots. Sigh. I’m waiting for them to go on sale. My bijoux? I don’t know. I’ve taken a year off creating jewellery, let’s see 🙂


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