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2012 ~ Rewind, Recap, Review

This is the time of the year when many a blogger would post a montage of her (or his) personal favourites spanning 2012.  Since I’ve only been at this for a scant two months, I’ve barely sufficient outfit posts to fill up a week let alone encapsulate an entire year SO I’m taking an entirely different route to this.  I’m going to feature the outfits I like best from twelve random bloggers.  Some are a tad more hyped than the others, and certainly their aesthetics run the gamut but all are irrefutably talented and adventurous and most deserving of limelight.

So here we go, in no particular order:-


Adeline Rapon pulls off mixed prints with panache which, oftentimes (but not always), only the French can display.  Her style is so distinct and whimsical yet not so out there that I can’t imagine myself wearing parts of the outfit, or, the outfit in its entirety, for that matter.  And there’s also just a nuance of vintage that makes her fashion compositions so fresh (contradictory, I know).


Ahhh Ami+ what a lass.  Proudly Singaporean (I consider Lion City my surrogate home since I spent most of my adult life there) and infinitely individualistic in her approach to ensembles.  I particularly adore how she incorporates Cosplay into her outfits without looking stupid.  Yeah, she makes wigs look darn good.


Straight off the bat, Kristina of Pretty Sparkly Shiny tells you she’s here to celebrate the woman outside glossies – those of us who aren’t 5’9″ and have cankles can totally relate.  I like her light-handed approach to current trends, how deftly she interprets them into her ensembles, and makes them work without appearing costumey.


Who doesn’t adore Susie Bubble?  She does quirky SO DARN WELL, damnit. All those layers, and colours, and prints, and everything in between.  There’s such joy and effervescence in each and every ensemble she puts together, you can almost feel it, all tingly and (groan) bubbly.  Like fizzy drinks.  Yeah, she’s like a carbonated drink, with a ginormous brain.  Sweet and sugary and bubbly and fizzy and somebody stop me now.  Please.


I first came to know of this young lady through Jane Aldridge and I must say, I am thoroughly enjoying going through Autilia’s lookbook of outfit posts, in particular, this ensemble.  I rather fancy how that swanky coif is tempered by the edgy vibe coming from le cold shoulder ensemble.  Chains, hosiery, spank-me-baby wedges.  The glimmer and glint coming from all that metal is purrfect.

Steve of TheStyleManifest

Blogging knows no gender boundaries and I AM EFFING GLAD.  Meet Steve of The Style Manifest.  Firstly, I must thank him for introducing me to Bloglovin (thanks, Steve!) and secondly, when it comes to menswear, it’s all about details.  True, it’s a camo shirt but see how the palette has been spruced with a hint of Tangerine.  And the top-stitching on those jeans?  Nice.  This outfit hits all the right notes without appearing enslaved to fashion.


This woman is AH-MAZING.  Meet Jessica of Vintage Virgin.  She’s a stay-at-home mother who truly, really, TRULY epitomes how you can be both parent and stylemeister.  I so want to be her when I grow up.  Like seriously, yo.  Holler.


‘Fessing up ~ I really though June Paski was a boy at first.  And it took me quite a while to figure out her style aesthetics but I do believe I’ve finally got it down to pat.  Whilst definitely androgynous on a macro scale, she infuses loads of subtle accents of girly glam, just the merest hints of femininity, into all her looks, to create a most refreshing breath of air across the fashion landscape.  Go see for yourself.


The glamorous Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper is a joy to behold.  She’s gorgeous and, well, gorgeous.  Plus I love how she hunts down the perfect locale for a shoot, even carrying the outfit you see above for two months (in a suitcase, mind) until she finally found said locale.  It’s so quirky cute.


Tess is Malaysian and I am Malaysian and she makes me proud.  That’s all there is.  There isn’t anymore.  Well, plus the fact I really like her style.


How cute is this woman????  I mean, c’mon!!!!  Kitty ears on her head, kitty eyes and whiskers on her feet.  Oy.  I’ve only recently discovered Tiny Toadstool and I AM HAVING A MASSIVE GIRL CRUSH.   Check out all her outfits, you have to.


A dude in pink.  Nuff said.  Check out Adam Gallagher and his adventures on I Am Galla.

Tell me which are your Top 3, won’t you? 🙂

By the by, how has your first day of the year two thousand and thirteen fared thus far?

Love, SG

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