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I Love You, Cake Boy

Life’s little surprises has brought me into the wonder realm of two really cool designers from Latvia, Inga and Irena, who collectively fabricate some of the most quirky and whimsical and charming garments ever.  You can view their pieces here.


I’ve long admired their work yet for some (unfathomable) reason, bit the bullet just a few months ago.  This piece is one of them.  Please ignore the quasi Titanic pose.  I have NO idea why I did that.


Meet Cake Boy, a poncho cum tunic cum top cum wearable-fantasy-come-true.  He’s this fitted tunic thingy, tapering into a slim, sharp silhouette, and made ever so billowy with the addition of those voluminous sleeves.  Totally ABBA.


I felt these Velvet Heel Booties in SCREAMING FIRE ENGINE RED with spikes and studs were the only pair worthy of Cake Boy.  And yes, there are those ever faithful Yoga Pants from Nike ~ again.  Yes, I wear ’em all the time because they’re comfort personified (and rather flattering too, I must say).  And yes, I do change my pants but you see, I own five pairs of these, and rotate them regularly, so, yeah.


I meant to braid my hair for this get-up but I completely forgot.

IMG_6414 IMG_6426

Sometimes I tire of hair smelling like well done steak and leave my hair straight.


Here’s a better look at those booties.    And, it would seem, the mosquito bites up my calf.  Oy.



My cherry red bunny ears phone case.  So tacky, it’s cool.  The only other accessory in the mix is an edgy Red Leather cuff with gold spikes and accents.


Which do you prefer ~ straight locks or curly tresses?

Love, SG

p/s By the by, who else is attending the IFB Conference in New York City come early February?

pp/s Yes, the cast is off 🙂

ppp/s The hair’s no longer red, incidentally, I’ve since dyed it a Warm Burgundy, just to shake things up a bit.

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