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Monday Mix (Yes, I’m Late But What’s New)

You know, I’m starting to think I should rename this series, “Tuesday Treats”.  Apt, yes?

il_fullxfull.136584339il_fullxfull.405222324_gfgmil_fullxfull.411897571_7830 il_fullxfull.414763662_ea56Vintage 60s GOLD and SILVER Mouse Pendant Necklace

(from top to bottom) Medusa Cashmere Sweater from Nihan, Comic Book Strip Skirt from Vintage South Austin, just glorious Hand-Painted Wing Scarf from Shovava, Futuristic Metallic Leather Ankle Booties from Nanometer, and now, my personal fave, a Vintage Gold & Silver Articulated Mouse Necklace (the cute little thing measures 7″ long!!), and she’s MINE.  You really need to check out Story Book Vintage, Meghan has some really awesome treasures waiting to be loved.

Love, SG

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