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You’re A Lucky Fella, Mr Smith

And we’re lucky too, to bear witness to your witty genius.

Paul Smith Navy Floral Print Jacket

Navy Floral Print Blazer.

Paul Smith Signature Striped Mini Cufflinks

Signature Striped Mini Cufflinks.

Paul Smith Grey Holger Loafers

Grey Holger Loafers with IN YOUR FACE Acid Green Soles.

Paul Smith Mr Brown Printed Scarf

Mr Brown Printed Scarf.

Paul Smith Pink Birdy Socks

Pink Birdy Socks.

Paul Smith Mushroom Print Shirt

Mushroom Printed Shirt.

Paul Smith Purple Hawaiian Print Straw Trilby Hat

Purple Hawaiian Trilby Hat.

Paul Smith Paul's Drawings Handkerchief

Paul’s Drawings Handkerchief (LOVE).

Just a small selection of my personal Paul Smith favourites 🙂 don’t they put a smile on your face?  And isn’t that what fashion is supposed to do ~ evoke joy.

Love, SG

p/s all pieces available from the Paul Smith online store.

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