Month: Feb 2013

Doing The Flat, Yea Or Nay?

That would be a flat NAY. I don’t do flats.  Even my boots walk a height of no less than 2.5″, at the bare minimum.  So, let’s not even get me started on my heels.  As I once told someone, the height of my heels appears to escalate in tandem with my age.  On that note though, I do hope it peaks at 40 because 5.75″ is about the max for me.  Anything more and I may as well go with stilts. Here are some glorious flats I found while scouring the web. Blue Monarch Butterfly Flats from here. Muse Leather Ballet Flats in Olive from here.  This store does have some wedged heels that I’m positively aching to get my hands on and feet in.  I shall keep you posted on that! Hand-painted POW BAM Flats from here. Pastel Pixel Leather Oxfords from here.  Several chunky boots available too. Vintage Cork & Mesh Flats from here.  These are simply magnificent, why couldn’t they be heeled??? Rainbow Retro Flats from here.  I feel like doing …

A Tale From The Heart

So I had a heart-to-heart with myself last night.  It was a combination of having read the first few chapters of Yuli Ziv’s book, “Bloggin Your Way To The Front Row”, as well as having returned from the IFB Conference with my head spinning.  I had to come to terms with many things namely my reasons for wanting to blog. As much as it pains me to write these thoughts in public, it’s probably a healthy way to start the detox process. I envy those nubile young things who look perfect from every which angle and whom can make even a potato sack look like haute couture. I am fiercely jealous of how skinny they are and how the world adores them, particularly the fashion houses. I want to be noticed too. I want to be famous. I. Want. To. Be. Just. Like. Them. But I can’t. I’m no young thing. I’m not skinny. I’m not photogenic and I most certainly don’t have a figure to rival that of a clothes rail. I’m 40. I’m …


Valentine’s Day.  Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s overflowing with angst. Or it could be laced with equal doses of fun and sage-esque qualities. However your day turns out, live it to the fullest.  I’ll write a more personal V-Day post later this week.  Or something. Love, SG

I Am Weak

Forgive me, shoe gods, I have (once again) sinned. Le Objet du Désir. DANNIJO Zeppelin Boots.  Black.  Neon.  Glitter.  Cut-outs.  Combat Style.  Can you really blame me?   Love, SG Footnote:  I purchased these here, they were on sale from $325 and I ended up paying under $100.  Good times.

The Asian Dumpling Goes Out & About

Living up to the nickname I bestowed upon myself (hey, thanks, Poshmark team), I took a gander and braved the -1 Degree Celcius weather on Thursday afternoon.  Here are a handful of the photos I took while out and about. Truth be told, I didn’t snap as many as I’d expected nor hoped, and this was because, as I sadly realised, my Digital Camera (while perfect and wonderful for close, cropped shots) is simply not the appropriate tool for outdoor pictures.  It’s just not the right camera for that genre of photographs. In case you’re wondering, I took a shot of Waverly Place for my daughter who adores Selena Gomez and her TV series, “Wizards of Waverly Place”. After about 45 minutes of sauntering around, the tummy growled and I decided I fancied of a spot of Asian food (I know, right?).  Morimoto, it certainly wasn’t, but here’s what I had for a very late lunch at the Empire Szechuan Village which is located on 173 7th Ave. I had a chip with a dip.  …

My, Oh My, Morimoto-San

Although I did not get to meet you in person, Mr Iron Chef, I experienced the most sublime of culinary sensations at your Chelsea restaurant last night and it was quite the orgasmic nosh.  An affair I shall never forget.  Suffice to say, resistance was beyond futile, and we, my appetite and I,  succumbed rather happily to partaking of as many scintillating offerings as the waistline of my Cheetah print skinny jeans would allow.  Note to self: wear stretch pants the next time. I started with a Clam Miso Soup which was completely forgettable. Granted the molluscs were very fresh and the broth, light, but I was expecting something wow from the Iron Chef who brings his own Ice Cube-esque Smoker and creates furniture out of bread. Next, I had the Kakuni – now we’re talking.  AMAZING. Just AMAZING.  Morimoto’s take on the traditional Cantonese brekker of congee with braised pork belly was delicious, particularly with those light tendrils of crispy fried Sweet Spud.  It wasn’t a WOW moment, it was an OH MY GOD …

Bright Lights, Big City, Freezing My A** Off

New York, New York, why must you be thus cold?  Do you not feel the tiniest modicum of sympathy for this woman from the tropics (and, these days, from Houston)?  You’ve got her all bundled up like an Asian dumpling.  A travelling Asian dumpling, no less. Entering the Fashion District and my Egyptian-born cabbie goes to town with the horn.  Only in New York (and Kuching, and Calabria). Turning the corner into West 28th Street, and you can see remnants of snow from the morning.  It’s all a tad mushy and slippery and grey outside though. Think what you like, say what you think, but I do firmly believe this is the most important bit/tool of any hotel room. The wallpaper in my hotel room.  Trippy or what? First night in NYC and I pig out at Morimoto’s.   In fact, I think the other patrons around me were taking bets on where I was packing it all in.  Oink, oink.  Can you blame me?  When you’re in the same vicinity as the restaurant of an …

All Grown Up

There are days when I eschew my natural instinct, and go for the adult version of Sheela.  It’s a rare occurrence but it happens. A truly brief post this will be, I’m a few hours shy of boarding that plane for New York City.  I’m scared and excited, anxious that I won’t be as well-dressed or stylish or skinny or, you know, as good as any of those experienced bloggers attending IFBCON ~ what if I get tongue-tied and become “that” one person nobody talks to???  ARRRGGGGHHHH I have to deal with my insecurities and my fears, and try to have as good a time as I possibly can 🙂 Love, SG p/s Outfit details ~ Harajuku top and Vintage Gold Tone Tie Necklace borrowed from Eve, Wool Pants with Leather/Buckle Cummerbund (thrifted), Vintage Gucci Doctor Bag (from my man last Valentine’s Day), Brass Spiked Cuffs (thrifted), and Suede Peep-Toe Heeled Ankle Boots with Ruffles (online)