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Bright Lights, Big City, Freezing My A** Off

New York, New York, why must you be thus cold?  Do you not feel the tiniest modicum of sympathy for this woman from the tropics (and, these days, from Houston)?  You’ve got her all bundled up like an Asian dumpling.  A travelling Asian dumpling, no less.


Entering the Fashion District and my Egyptian-born cabbie goes to town with the horn.  Only in New York (and Kuching, and Calabria).


Turning the corner into West 28th Street, and you can see remnants of snow from the morning.  It’s all a tad mushy and slippery and grey outside though.


Think what you like, say what you think, but I do firmly believe this is the most important bit/tool of any hotel room.


The wallpaper in my hotel room.  Trippy or what?

First night in NYC and I pig out at Morimoto’s.   In fact, I think the other patrons around me were taking bets on where I was packing it all in.  Oink, oink.  Can you blame me?  When you’re in the same vicinity as the restaurant of an Iron Chef, YOU_JUST_PIG_OUT.  Resistance is futile.  More on that tonight.  I have to start getting ready for IFBCON, super excited and nervous, and hoping I won’t fall asleep (the traffic outside kept me up and woke me at 4.34am, yawn).  That’d be rather awkward.

Talk to you guys from the Altman.

Love, SG

p/s I did dream of Puff The Magic Dragon


  1. dannylion says

    Lol yes u r indeed cold. (I am close. In PA and it is time for spring). Good luck today. You are a fashionista. I think vogue should hire you for fresh ideas. Perhaps some day you could do a fashion makeover for someone who you would never ever think you could make them look hip in lieu of pathetic (hint hint). A great blog giveaway idea…. Revamped by the famous sg. From horrid to hip Blog giveaway. Have fun today.


  2. Hi Sheela! We met outside at IFB conference, 2 little asian girls who kept taking pics of your pink gloves and tie necklace! still love it! didn’t know you were from Houston! I am from Houston too!! just wanted to say hi again!
    Will find you on twitter! margaret from http://www.neatobonito.com Nice to meet you!


    • Yes!!! It’s Rose, and Margaret, right? 🙂 it was awesome meeting you both, even if for just a little bit. Yup, I live in Houston, isn’t it cool how many of us are from here? xoxoxo


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