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The Asian Dumpling Goes Out & About

Living up to the nickname I bestowed upon myself (hey, thanks, Poshmark team), I took a gander and braved the -1 Degree Celcius weather on Thursday afternoon.  Here are a handful of the photos I took while out and about.


Truth be told, I didn’t snap as many as I’d expected nor hoped, and this was because, as I sadly realised, my Digital Camera (while perfect and wonderful for close, cropped shots) is simply not the appropriate tool for outdoor pictures.  It’s just not the right camera for that genre of photographs.


In case you’re wondering, I took a shot of Waverly Place for my daughter who adores Selena Gomez and her TV series, “Wizards of Waverly Place”.

After about 45 minutes of sauntering around, the tummy growled and I decided I fancied of a spot of Asian food (I know, right?).  Morimoto, it certainly wasn’t, but here’s what I had for a very late lunch at the Empire Szechuan Village which is located on 173 7th Ave.


I had a chip with a dip.  That chip with that dip was da bomb.  The latter being a chutney of apple with mango and pineapple and dried plums, all kinds of yums.


But of course it’s Unagi Sashimi, did you really think I wasn’t going to have any?


My massive entré ~ Stir Fried Shrimp with Thai Basil.  Not quite what I was expecting but I ate all the shrimp.  I like shrimp.  Very much.  Very very much.

All things said and done, I did what I could, and I hope to still be able to impart a modicum of what I saw, through these.

Love, SG

p/s I made it out of New York City just before the blizzard hit, phew.  When we were lining up to board the plane out of Newark, a guy offered me $750 for my ticket.  Like woah.


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