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Rising From The Ashes, I Am

The Phoenix Rises From The Ashes Metal Print By John Edwards

Yes, a post has indeed been a long time coming and, honestly? Looking through the Archives, I see that my last post was dated 22nd February.  Oy.  Cringe, I cringe.  I’ve not been resting on my tush, I swear.  No indeed.  In fact, I’ve been working very hard.  As someone recently coined, I do have a grown-up job and it’s been keeping my nose pressed firmly to the grindstone of late.

Also, I’ve had back-to-back trips to NYC within the space of a fortnight, then a week’s worth of time was spent in San Francisco for two separate events and when I finally got home, I realised it was month’s end.

So this is just a quick note to say HELLO THERE and to assure everyone that I’m still (barely) alive and kicking and well 🙂

I shall post more later, I promise.


Love, SG


      • Great to see you back, my friend! Look forward to more words of wisdom, but in the meantime, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Yeah, I know you know. However, you’re a mom… 😉


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