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Botox Virgin No More

I can finally lay claim to having my Botox Cherry popped and quite recently too. No, not for the reason very likely flashing across your brain just about now 🙂

When I was 19, my then boyfriend and I were involved in a serious accident.  We were on his Scrambler bike turning right when a car rammed into us.  I literally flew about 20 feet and landed with my head hitting the curb.  To this day, I’m thankful for what seemed to be a splurge prior to the accident ~ $500 crash helmets.  That saved my life.  I suffered a broken wrist, a chunk of flesh scraped off my right shin (gross, I know) and a dent on the back of my skull.  It’s the latter which proved to be the catalyst for my Chronic Migraine.  Although, at the time, I simply chalked it down to really bad headaches.  Afterall, it was 1992 in Sarawak and medical facilities were, let’s say, wanting.

A month ago, my Ophthalmologist (bless you, Dr Pham) referred me to a Neurologist because uniformed prints were starting to hurt me.  As in physically hurt my eyes to the point of kickstarting a migraine.  I was seeing halos around just about everything.  And then there were those Migraine Storms, horrid bouts of pain which attacked at ferocious speed, leaving me (temporarily) blind in one eye.

I’d tried just about every medication under the sun. Read popping as many as 20 Ibuprofens at a time, to no avail.  So when my Neurologist, Dr Woon, told me that I qualified for Botox as Migraine Therapy, I was eager to try it, raring to go.  I mean, I’ve reached the stage wherein it isn’t so much as whether I have a migraine today as it is when was the last time I didn’t have a migraine.  Also, a girlfriend in Dallas had been on Botox treatments for close to a year now and the frequency of her migraine attacks had dropped drastically from twice a week to once every month, less at times.

Botox Migraine Therapy

It’s been just shy of a week since my virgin round of injections and from what Dr Woon’s told me, it’s way too soon to tell.  That it takes at least a full week for the Botox to kick in.  I can’t wait.  It’s been so long since I’ve had a migraine free day that I can’t even remember how it feels to not have my head pound anymore 🙂 I’ll keep you posted.


Love, SG

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