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A Back-To-School Conversation Of Sorts

So with the prospect of a new school year looming over all our heads (countdown T-Minus 9 hours), I thought it only apt to do this back-to-school post featuring an Instagram conversation with my teenage daughter and her friends, on how they feel going back to school.  More on that later but first, here’s a quick look at me during my high school years (cos it’s my blog and I wanna).  Although, in Malaysia, we call it Secondary School and it lasts 5 years, between the ages of 13 to 17.

761_1057542523185_9760_nThere’s me at 13, with my cross-between-Anita Mui-and-Andrew Ridgeley do.  My brother’s proudly displaying his Sade album back when cassette tapes were cool.  And isn’t my mum gorgeous?

1959515_10152324365438390_6875849994800939423_nA group shot of the class in our final year.  Can you guess which one I am?  Clue:  I’m at the very back.  Do you also see the adorable face of the genius behind one of my very fave blogs, Chocolate Cookies and Candies??

257403_10150200795002960_924221_oAnd here I am at 18, going from 3 years of zero skirts and super short hair to, well, the picture’s fairly self-explanatory.  Sidenote, I made that skirt myself.  I was so proud.  Yeah, I’m very much Daddy’s girl.

Moving on to how things are done in 2014.  This is the Instagram chat I was telling you about, verbatim:-

sheelagoh After three months of late nights, sleeping in and zero teacher presence, you’re about to dive into the fray in less than 24 hours. Tell me, in just one word, how do you feel? p_i, z_z, r_rj, help me out in tagging a few others?
z_z Disgruntled, mostly
r_rj Hmmm …
r_rj I asked others and this was their answer: groovy, depressed, anxious, worried, nervous, overwhelmed, crestfallen, distressed, melancholy…in conclusion, they just feel poopy
sheelagoh Disgruntled = Despondent & Depressed so you get a hug z_z
sheelagoh Groovy? r_rj I like poopy.
p_i Pissed off
p_i Crappy
p_i Exhausted
p_i Worried
p_i Annoyed
p_i Depressed
p_i Distressed
p_i Troubled
p_i Agitated
p_i Flustered
p_i Nervous, anxious, eager
p_i Excited, ambivalent, refreshed
p_i Hesitant
p_i I promise not all of these are mine LOL
p_i Sad, an intermittent pain, a scared emoji
p_i Prostrated by pressure
p_i Roweling, depressing, whetting competition
p_i Worried, delectation of wisdom, ordeals
p_i Nonplussed
p_i Dread
sheelagoh Well then p_i LOL LOL LMAO
So I wonder if they realise that it’s not just students bemoaning the dawn of tomorrow?  That parents are in mourning too?
Let’s see if I survive the next 24 hours.  You know you’ll hear all about it soon enough, right here, so be sure to come back and see if I’m still alive.  Until then, stay strong, you parent you.
xo Sheela xo
p/s I know the last bits of this post are all messed up in terms of font and I have no idea how to fix them INSERT ANGRY FACE

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