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Planning A Plan


Sunday, oh Sunday, how quickly you arrive!!

Many of us use this day not merely to relax and rejuvenate but also to plan.  I know I do. Sunday is when I try to infuse some order into the coming week (at this point, I must confess that most bits usually only last up to end of Monday, at best, but hey, I take what I can get).

A typical plan involves:-

Breakfast for the children the next morning – weekday fare alternates between toast (with scrambled eggs and Pesto spread for her, with Peanut Butter and Raspberry Jelly for him alongside a cup of Greek Yoghurt), French Toast, and sausages, bacon and mini bread rolls.  The man and I make do with either Cereal + Lactose Free Milk or scrambled egg whites with diced tomatoes, and some fruit.

School Lunch – I take it easier in the beginning of the week and prepare something like Agnolotti or Tortellini.  In our bid to eat cleanly, the adults have Poached Chicken Breast or some fish or turkey with sides like avocado, brown rice and/or salad.  Some defrosting required.

Dinner – since we leave for the gym at 5.45pm, I make sure dinner is cooked and ready for when we get back (dinner is around 8pm in the Stella residence) so I decide what I want to prepare, defrost the relevant raw ingredients the night before, that sort of thing.

Work – jot down the key things I have to complete on Monday which, in the instance of tomorrow, is to write/review content for our to-be-revamped website, and edit two articles as well as a blog post in conjunction with the National Health IT Security Week.

Blog – make a mad dash to see what I’m supposed to be posting on Monday and Tuesday, and make fairly futile attempts to start. This bit here is relatively new, I must tell you.  In the past, I’ve always flown by the seat of my pants where blogging was concerned, and since that hasn’t worked very well for me at all (read: averaging a blog post every 6 months), I’m trying to go all fancy and organised.

Oh oh and Gym – this is when I plan my workouts for the week.

There you have it.  Let’s see how closely I follow this as the days progress.  So, what’s in your plan?


Love, Sheela

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