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Curated: A Weekly Digest 1

When it comes to work, I try very hard to stick to a 9-to-5 mentality (although, do we ever shut off completely?), but am rarely able to actually take advantage of the freedom it offers.  This past week, however, has reminded me just how fortunate I am to be able to control my own schedule, and for that, I am grateful.  Here’s to never forgetting.


Say hello to Pocket, the app previously known as Read It Later.  You know how it is.  Multiple tabs open for reading when we have a quiet moment to spare.  Post Its on every conceivable bare space.  Pocket is God’s gift to journalists, bloggers and just about everyone who utilises the Internet as the treasure trove of research it is.  It’s a smooth download, and an even smoother user experience.  All the stuff you want to check out tonight, tomorrow or over the weekend, gets saved in one location, easily accessible from the Pocket icon on your Sidebar.  Go on, download it.  You won’t be sorry.

Virginia Woolf_www.lylybye.blogspot.comI’ve finally gotten around to reading Virgina Woolf’s Diary, Volume 1 and I’m spellbound.

tschang-528x528     (photo courtesy of TS Chang)

Instagram continues to be a wondrous source of inspiration for me.  So much talent to be unearthed, and in this case, TS Chang.  He takes amazing, poignant pictures with the humble iPhone.  Perfectly composed and beautifully captured, each frame appears to pulsate with life.  And it truly does my heart proud to see life through his eyes because the young man is Malaysian.  Viva Malaysia.

What brave women.  And to think that I can call one of them my high school classmate, my friend. Such an honour.  Perhaps one day, I shall be just as courageous and share my own story.

We love our boyfriend jeans, don’t we, but how do men actually feel about them?  Here’s what 17 guys said.


And on that note, Happy Thursday, everyone, I hope your coming weekend is awesome!!  Love, Sheela


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