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Curated: A Weekly Digest 2

Seven whole days have passed since my inaugural Random Love post and those seven days have been insane, insane, insane. First off, Eve was horribly ill and missed an entire week of school, which she then promptly had to make up for by going to school over an hour earlier every day for the ensuing week ~ a concept which does not sit well with me because it’s so counter-productive and that’s a catalyst for another blog post. Secondly, my man had knee surgery and was essentially unable to move or walk for the first few days. I love him with all of my soul and would do it again in a heartbeat but helping him, taking care of my baby and managing a full-time profession has left me just exhausted. Insert big, fat yawn 🙂

Onward ho with this week’s Random Love. I think you’ll really like my discoveries.

shutterstock_201029885Ever wondered why men become gynecologists?  I’ve always been stumped. Read why they do what they do here, explanations from 10 male female parts doctors.

shutterstock_126855053 So if your significant other goes on an extended job posting like, oh say, a mission trip to Africa. Or taking photos of the Batang Ai River down in Borneo. Or heads to space for NASA. Does it count as cheating if you indulge in some action with another person?


I had NO idea this even existed.

img_9585-copy Hmmm, this reads really oddly. I mean I lived there for well over 10 years and I can tell you straight off the bat that (from left to right) #2, #5 and #6 are absolutely true.  The rest? Hmmm.

why-piyo-worksPiYo. The latest buzzword in achieving a toned silhouette. I adore this workout. As some of you know, I’ve been doing Pilates for a while now. It does things to my body which no amount of cardio, or weights, can. What all of you don’t know is that since I started working out at the end of 2010, it’s been suggested that I take on Yoga, to chill. Suggested by practically every single trainer and gym rat I’ve met. I’m serious. Anyway, the point here is while I adored the benefits of Yoga, I just couldn’t see myself doing something so, oh I don’t know, zen?  Hence when the fitness gods created PiYo, I was beside myself with joy 🙂 I mean, strong is the new skinny, yes? Incidentally, did you also know, though, that Piyo is a giant, mutated chick?  I certainly didn’t.

You have a good weekend now.


Love, Sheela


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