Month: Oct 2014

Easy-Peasy Steamed Kale Salad

I was in a rush to fix lunch.  I recalled seeing this recipe somewhere.  I gave it a go from memory. INGREDIENTS 1 bundle steamed Kale, cut in bunches (microwaved on high, for 2 minutes. Increase the time if you prefer your Kale softer) 1/2 Honeycrisp apple (sliced thinly) Shredded Cheese to your liking (I used Raspberry BellaVitano from Sartori but any sharp cheddar should work) 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar 1 tbsp olive oil 1 tbsp Dijon mustard 1/4  tsp sugar 1/4 tsp pepper Pinch of salt   DIRECTIONS Combine vinegar, olive oil, Dijon mustard, sugar, pepper and salt in a large bowl.  Mix with a whisk.  Add Kale and apple.  Toss.  Top with cheese.  Serve.  Took me all of 10 minutes, including steaming time.  I’d probably have finished sooner had I not stopped to take pictures.  Serves 1. Adapted from, with thanks.

Getting Ahead Of The Curve

  Joining Houston Fashion Bloggers has been the smartest thing I’ve done in a while.  Since becoming a member in September, I’ve had multiple doors open up for me.  The most recent being a trunk show hosted by the world’s very first plus size supermodel, Emme, at Macy’s, Memorial City Mall.  Let me confess immediately that the event was an immense eye-opener.  A privileged insight into the world of plus size style.  It was such an experience that I had to split my thoughts into two separate postings, one of which will focus on the topic in depth.  And the other?  I leave you now with a gallery of event pictures 🙂 Emme, ever so statuesque and glorious. And by the side is lifestyle blogger, Randie. See anyone familiar? There’s Shalanda, co-founder of Houston Fashion Bloggers to the right! This is where I asked Kate, the model in the centre, for her booties GRIN I heart that dress to the left, I heart it so. Accessories I really coveted. I know there were others but the …

Saying I Do In Blue

Where, oh where, were you, Oh glorious gown so blue? When down the aisle I walked; Saying to my man, I do. Temperley Elie Saab Theia I would so very happily get married again in any of these. To the same man, of course.  Wait, 2014 marks our 12th year.  I could always find a reason – renewal of vows, perhaps? Which gown takes your breath away? Love, Sheela

Picture Perfect Prada

We interrupt our regular broadcast to bring you this curated line-up of Prada perfection.  When pre-loved is as pristine as it gets on The RealReal, it’s, well, perfect. Brown Ombré Leather Coat, $675 Mid Calf Spectator Boots, $295 Silk Printed Bubble Hem Skirt, $145 Python Drawstring Tote, $1095 Silk V-Neck Dress, $245 Moto Jacket, $295 Satin & Lucite Wedges, $175 Embellished Purple Tessuto Clutch, $375 Red Bouclé Jacket, $225 Burgundy Wool Tweed Pumps, $125 Red Leather Belt, $125 Drool with me. Love, Sheela p/s I’m dying to get those Spectator Boots but the man is seated right beside me as I type this.  I fear for my life.

Curated: A Weekly Digest 5

Hello weekend, I’ve missed you!!! That’s a picture I took of the three of us when we were at the Richmond Ave Farmer’s Market last weekend.  It was stellar.  And this weekend promises to be yet another epic affair because I’ll be at Macy’s Get Ahead Of The Curve event tomorrow afternoon, hosted by none other than Emme.  Who’s Emme?  Only the world’s very first plus size supermodel.  Hopefully, I’ll have photos as well as a few words with her to share come Sunday. For now, I leave you with some awesome sauce nuggets from around the world wide web. My admiration for Mr Obama grows.  The man has impeccable comic timing. How we really feel at art museums. Perhaps this will encourage my mum to get a Twitter account too. Awwwwwwwww. And I leave you with an adorable little girl called Willow who’ll charm you on Instagram all October long.   Enjoy your weekend. Love, Sheela