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Day 01

So begins my first day of house arrest. Day 01/90 to be precise. What was supposed to be an easy knee surgery to repair a torn meniscus evolved into something far more elaborate. Cutting and reconstructing of ligaments. Drilling of holes. Oy. For the next three months, there shall be none of this.shutterstock_169894541And none of this.shutterstock_219464293

None of this either.shutterstock_79730008Or this.shutterstock_209621293Definitely none of that.shutterstock_157421885

Or any of this. Sigh.shutterstock_209633695Just this.shutterstock_216424414And this for now.shutterstock_217213543House arrest sucks.


Whiny Sheela signing off


  1. I pulled a hamstring really bad while practicing yoga and wasn’t active for three months either. I started practicing a month ago and I still feel it here and there… However, during my recovery, writing kept me sane. I hope it does for you too! Feel better! It’ll go by quick..

    • Hey there 🙂 I’ve been sliced and diced and mostly bedridden. It’s driving me insane. Sigh. Thank god I work from home so the mind shan’t wither up and there’s my blog to keep things going too. Thanks SO much for writing 🙂

  2. This made me giggle. You’re very creative and it’s obvious that you have a natural talent for writing. I hope you have a quick and healthy recovery! You’ll be back to yoga in no time 🙂

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