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Curated: A Weekly Digest 3

Ahhhh, it’s been a long hard week. The kind of week that has you cranking those lungs when Friday arrives and the weekend’s here, you know? What have you got in store for the next few days? Me? Loads of rest, I mean LOADS, stay in, watch home movies and just chill.

Literally chill with some epic granita the man is whipping up. My fave? Cantaloupe.


It’s October and October means National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. There’s a sad truth in Elaine Schattner’s piece for Forbes that awareness of Breast Cancer and interest therein appears waned. As though it’s no longer in fashion. And, I’ll be the first to admit, the pink can overshadow the seriousness of the cause BUT before you cast the first stone, pink also radiates positivity, joy, and hope. This isn’t going to be a lengthy dissection of the topic but rather, a gentle reminder to all of us that we cannot, we simply cannot, allow Breast Cancer to slip from the world’s eye. And if it takes candy colours, so be it. It isn’t a matter of which type of cancer is “trending”. It’s not a competition. We must continue to educate and reach out so communities know what to look out for. Where to go. What to do. And the options they have. Here’s a darling initiative you should really check out. And here and here.

Random movie questions that may have been bugging you.

Nutella Crème Brûlée? Oh my.

Didn’t see this trending at all.

Feline war. Meow, kitty, meow meow.

Had to shine the light on pooches too.

Love this woman, yes I do.


Enjoy your weekend.

Love, Sheela

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