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Pet Prêt-à-Porter, Anyone?

I’ve been living under a rock, apparently, because last I heard of the matter, Paris Hilton was (the only one) splurging on her pet pooches. 300sq feet of space modeled after her own pad. Double story. Chandelier. $325,000. Small change for the crazy heiress.paris_1_352629k

It was a big rock.

A quick rummage through the web pulled choices running the gamut from The Colonial ($6,100 and fully equipped with climate control facilities, no less) to The Hacienda ($30,000 featuring running water, lights and air-conditioning). And we’re only talking about houses. Let’s take a quick look around at some of the most ridiculously exorbitant (and useless) things available for pets. Read on and join me in jaw-gaping disbelief.

Makers of the $725 Mink Fur Dog Coat, Harman and Rose drew more than just a few eyebrows when they launched the splurge item last year. Perhaps now they’ve come to realise that dogs do come with fur because I was no longer able to locate the Mink version on their website but instead found this much more practical option on offer.

And then there’s the Versace Barocco Pet Bowl. $754. Emm, I doubt any starved pet, pampered or street-smart, would give a hoot. More malarky here.

On the other end of the pet spectrum, lovers of felines and feline fashion are more than likely waiting with bated breath for Choupette, the Karl Lagerfeld line of wearables inspired by his own wee fluffball. main.original2


But, you know, Meow Meow Land would be incomplete without rouge. Mais oui. Or paupières. Or crème for a satiny smooth paw finish. In comes La maison de Shupette from Shu Uemura (with packaging featuring Lagerfeld’s drawings of his cat), scheduled to debut in 10 days and counting.


It does appear that societal obsession with pets and pampering them (beyond rational thought) is no fleeting trend.  I admit; I’m flabbergasted. When did we go from caring for the old and needy and young to this?

When did the day arrive when caring for the old, the homeless, the needy, the dying children, the ones in soup kitchens become overshadowed by stupid, extravagant purchases for PETS? That makes no sense whatsoever. And it leaves me feeling disturbed, it does.

What are your thoughts on this madness?


Love, Sheela

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