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Curated: A Weekly Digest 4

shutterstock_209659855Hello beautiful world. Hello beautiful people 🙂

Another long week which makes me even more thrilled with the prospect of a 3-day weekend.  Bliss. I’m running behind on practically everything so this is going to be short on words but packed with cool stuff for you to explore 🙂

I didn’t think it’d be possible but I’m quite taken by Ree. She makes me laugh. And her recipes are, well, rootin’ tootin’ good.

No matter how smart the world becomes, there are still so many misconceptions surrounding gay and being gay. This is a wonderful, you-must-read-now piece on gay women, the stereotyping they’ve encountered and how they deal. Go on, read it.

Nom nom chocolate.

Apple flirts ever more with fashion.

Grow up, woman.

Do we really need another tome on street style? What do you think?

So, you know how drinking juice right after brushing your teeth is truly gross-gusting? Did you ever pause to wonder why?

The wacky genius of Warhol.

Lather up.

And this is on my must-try list for the weekend.


What are your plans?

Love, Sheela

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