A Question Of Time

This isn’t a timed writing piece born out of the need to complete a challenge. This is actually self-imposed. As I’d mentioned before, I’m rather enjoying writing within the confinements of a timeframe. I never know what will come out of my brain and into my hands as they type.

One thing that’s dominant in my mind at this very moment is waterfalls. I don’t know why though.


Not the sound of water gushing forth. Nor the imagery of beautiful blue water. Just the word waterfalls, imprinted on my mind and, I suppose, viewed through my mind’s eye. Isn’t that odd. Waterfall in graphic Black and White. And that’s another unusual thing because I always visualise and dream things in glorious technicolour. It’s something rare; I’ve been told. I’m glad. I can’t imagine not always seeing things in colour. It would be so sad.

Now, I’m suddenly thinking birds.

shutterstock_2672665Hitchcock’s birds and how, for the longest time ever, the mere sight of a bird would have me scuttling for cover. Have you read the book? I didn’t, but I was forced to watch the movie. My mother and brother are horrid movie buffs. There’s a special place in sparkling purple unicorn hell for them; I swear.

Is it normal to have momentary gaps in one’s thought process even if it’s free, unbridled writing?

Speaking of unbridled writing, I recall posting that that would be something I would dearly love to do on a regular basis. It would appear that I’ve been somewhat tardy in that department of late. Would it be alright for me to place all blame on the knee surgery and being doped up until recently?


Speaking of doped up. I’m very uncomfortable with the recent appearances of garments with the word DOPE. I fully realise the word can mean Cool or Fly or Very Good, but it still makes me feel iffy. And I know it’s due to the original meaning of the word. Wow. I felt incredibly archaic just typing that. Archaic and straitlaced but that’s how I feel. It bothers me to see the word DOPE accepted so easily and freely. Does that make me a puritan? Old-fashioned? Or simply that I do not subscribe to the ease with which society has amalgamated the word into everyday life, into fashion. Why? Because fashion is an immensely powerful influence. Don’t get me started on EASY. Oy.

Is anyone else concerned with the entire Ebola situation? I am but not so much about the virus spreading as I am with how the CDC is (not) handling it. The head of CDC comes across as incredibly spineless and inept, and that scares me. Does it scare you? That the state of our national health and its current absence of emergency crisis plans lie in the hands of someone who was unable to respond at all during a rapid fire Q&A session?

And that, my friends, is the end of today’s somewhat disjointed piece, all 15 minutes of it 🙂


Muack!! Sheela

p/s All imagery and links were added post the timer going off, naturally.


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