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Front Row Seats

Having moved to Houston a scant four years ago, let me be the first to confess I’m still navigating my way around the local fashion scene.  Trying to identify pockets of creative dressing in between the Lincolns and the dressed-from-head-to-toe-in-one-colour figures (if you live in the area, I know you know what I’m talking about).  Finding that refreshing spurt of spontaneous freestyling amidst the clones. And it’s been hard.  It’s been really hard.  At the risk of death by faux diamond pelting, the style environment here is vastly different from what I’d been used to (I lived in Singapore for over ten years, with frequent work travels to Hong Kong and Japan where, when it came to dressing, everyone was tolerant and experimentative and fearless).

3411a3dc-9436-4b09-8fe2-a64ef0d394eb_zpse2d46347That is, until I discovered the Houston Fashion Bloggers.  This wondrous community has opened my eyes to what’s really happening when it comes to fashion in the heart of Texas.  Reminded me to dig deeper and look where I wouldn’t normally.  I love that.  And it’s also thanks to them that I came to know of Fashion Houston, what it is and what it stands for.


If, like me, the name rings no bells, you’re on the brink of being  (as) pleasantly surprised (as I was, am).

Imagine a single platform wherein fledgling and local designers share the limelight (and runway) with experienced, established names.  The showing of many varied aesthetics.  Each one striving to be heard above the din.  Imagine the adrenaline rush of watching models stride loud and proud down the runway, and you’re so close you could almost grab that pleated number off her back.  Into this talented mix, add stylemeisters, influencers, scribes, the ones that can make or break a collection.  That’s what Fashion Houston is all about.

ROW Call

2014 marks its fifth installment and this year flaunts a sterling line-up of designers.  Just sterling.  There’s Chloe Dao (Project Runway Season 2 Winner), Naeem Khan (gloriously flamboyant garments, does anyone else remember him as a Guest Judge on PR?), Tibi (picture perfect pieces), Grungy Gentleman (there is more to life than plain tee and ripped jeans, seriously), Valentina Kova (sleek, stylish, edgy).  Other luminaries include Amir Taghi, Bibhu Mohapatra, David Peck, Fabrice Tardieu, Jio’Zey Reys, Jonathan Blake, Little Black Dress Designer, M.C.L. x Matthew Campbelle Laurenza, Rami Salamoun, Rebecca Minkoff (woohoo), Rene Ruiz, Rolando Santana, Rubin Singer and Sameera Faridi.

Imagine all that.

Shining bright, yes, like a diamond in the night sky.

Fashion Houston is from 18th to 21st November 18th at the Wortham Theater Centre.  As I’ve said, if you love fashion and you’re in Houston, it would be quite the crime if you’re not there on Friday night, for the Kick-Off Party.  Especially as all proceeds therefrom will go towards Dress For Success Houston.  Altruism is sexy.

Tickets on sell here.  Go on, you know you want one. Or three.


Love, Sheela

p/s  In the days leading up to Friday, I’ll be showcasing several designers throughout the day.  Sort of a teaser.  Join me?

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