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Curated: A Weekly Digest 5

Hello weekend, I’ve missed you!!!

imageThat’s a picture I took of the three of us when we were at the Richmond Ave Farmer’s Market last weekend.  It was stellar.  And this weekend promises to be yet another epic affair because I’ll be at Macy’s Get Ahead Of The Curve event tomorrow afternoon, hosted by none other than Emme.  Who’s Emme?  Only the world’s very first plus size supermodel.  Hopefully, I’ll have photos as well as a few words with her to share come Sunday.

For now, I leave you with some awesome sauce nuggets from around the world wide web.

My admiration for Mr Obama grows.  The man has impeccable comic timing.

How we really feel at art museums.

Perhaps this will encourage my mum to get a Twitter account too.


And I leave you with an adorable little girl called Willow who’ll charm you on Instagram all October long.


Enjoy your weekend.

Love, Sheela


    • Yes, she is, and so too her 13 year old daughter who looks absolutely prepped to walk in her mother’s footsteps 🙂 I’ll be putting up some photos as well as thoughts on the topic of plus size this week. Do come back if you have a moment.


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