Getting Ahead Of The Curve


3411a3dc-9436-4b09-8fe2-a64ef0d394eb_zpse2d46347Joining Houston Fashion Bloggers has been the smartest thing I’ve done in a while.  Since becoming a member in September, I’ve had multiple doors open up for me.  The most recent being a trunk show hosted by the world’s very first plus size supermodel, Emme, at Macy’s, Memorial City Mall.  Let me confess immediately that the event was an immense eye-opener.  A privileged insight into the world of plus size style.  It was such an experience that I had to split my thoughts into two separate postings, one of which will focus on the topic in depth.  And the other?  I leave you now with a gallery of event pictures 🙂

Emme9Emme, ever so statuesque and glorious. And by the side is lifestyle blogger, Randie.

Montage1montage2See anyone familiar? There’s Shalanda, co-founder of Houston Fashion Bloggers to the right!

Montage3Montage4This is where I asked Kate, the model in the centre, for her booties GRIN

Montage5Montage6I heart that dress to the left, I heart it so.

Montage8Accessories I really coveted.

I know there were others but the labels I recall from the runway are Elie Tahari, Ralph Lauren, Jessica Simpson, Lucky Brand and Michael Kors.  Do you have a favourite look from here?


Love, Sheela


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