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The Occasional #OOTD

I work from home.  What that means is most days, I’m in a comfy (raggedy) tee shirt with cotton lounge pants or capris (inevitably Black or Navy), and socks.  That’s it.  Hair done up with a clip so huge, my head resembles a poodle just out of the pet wash.  Absolutely nothing worth noting let alone photographing.  Which is why, when I do put up an outfit-of-the-day post, there’s considerable planning involved.

Selecting the outfit (this can involve wearing something incredibly flamboyant, and posing right outside my house, for the entire neighbourhood to see).  Said planning, at times, also involves looking ahead.  This is when you find me clad in something thin towards January or, on the flipside, frantically snapping pictures in between beads of sweat rolling down my face as I’m cocooned and swaddled in Winter clothing during Spring/Summer.

Moving forward, backward, sideways, smiling, not smiling, whichever whimsy strikes my young but oh so finicky shutterbug.  All in the name of the hashtag OOTD.  #ForReal.

And, my friends, that explains why I don’t publish many outfit-related posts.  I do, however, have one to share now 🙂 these were taken on the 1st, and I’m quite pleased with how they turned out.  I don’t look pissed and/or ready to jump out of the screen to devour you.  An epic first.

IMG_1998IMG_2018IMG_2040Montage 1IMG_2033

What’s your take on mixing prints?  This is my first endeavour, incidentally.  I’m more of a solids person with an occasional dose of print to up the quotient.  That said, I do believe this marriage here works rather harmoniously.  I mean, no one’s bickering as yet.

Back to the print parade, I wanted a grungy plaid look without being gangsta-obvious, you know, and felt the red/black of the dress (which is actually a skirt) went beautifully with the black/white of the boyfriend cardi.  Not too feminine. Not too brash.


We did the shoot in two separate locations, something I’d never have entertained in the past (I’m really terribly shy) and I’m glad.  Outside the garage can get old.


I really had fun this time, clearly.

Montage 2

What’s your daily uniform?  Do you fake it for outfit posts like I do?  I won’t tell, pinkie promise.

Love, Sheela

{ all photos by eve low }

p/s for naysayers who cringe at the sight of 10 photos for an outfit post, mea culpa.  I enjoyed myself so much, I had to share loads xoxo

Outfit details ~ Red/Black Plaid Skirt worn as a dress – Ralph by Ralph Lauren, Clutch – Zara, Black/White Mushroom Ring – Noir, all from Poshmark.  Black/White Rose Print Cardigan – Prabal Gurung for Target.  Oxidised Silver Octopus Tentacle Ring – Silver Phantom and Leather Cuffs, both from Etsy. B&W Ascot Booties – I can’t remember.


  1. mixing prints is the best!! i do it all the time (except when I’m working from home lol.. then its just yoga pants & a messy top knot too)


  2. jhumkidesigns says

    I love reds mixed with b/w :). Great outfit and great accessories sheela! Enjoyed the post!


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