Curated: A Weekly Digest 6

In the last week or so, my time has been spent poring over photography books and reading articles on the topic.  Discovering talented people (here, here and here), tools as well as, well, interesting things.  All in the name of research, of course, for an interview I was writing.


Slipping in this shot from the uber talented @kthegroove as it brings to mind a movie pertaining to the life and trials of a certain scarred, young wizard.

What I especially love about trawling the web is stumbling upon interesting bits and pieces. Logos with hidden messages, for instance.  Sidenote: Mashable unearths the coolest stuff #obsessed


Or ceramics.  Which I used to think were only for ladies who sipped.  Or eccentric artistes like Gaga, perhaps, but not done this way.  Too cute.


Speaking of tea cups, I would very happily take a swig of Drink Me potion for these darling little things.  Willingly forego my diet with nary a twinge of guilt for that which makes my heart sing.

Still in the spirit of guilt-free moments – I call them white lies, or tiny fibs – however you name them, we all know our parents used to tell us lies. Hey, we’ve passed a few on to the results of our own procreation too. Circle of life et al, yes?

And while you’re living dangerously, have fun checking out some of the best (and worse) selfies around.

Oh oh oh, all you space movie buffs out there?  Here’s a list to while your weekend away.

Love, Sheela


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