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My Morning At The Farmer’s Market

There’s very little else that comes close to starting your weekend with a trip to the farmer’s market. Such a sight for sore eyes. Ever since my man and I started working out in earnest, we’ve tried very hard to eat only organic produce and, once in a while, indulge in a spot of farm to our table purchases. I mean, let’s be honest. All things found in a farmer’s market are grossly overpriced compared to their grocery store counterparts but that (apparently) comes with the au naturel tag.

Grimacing wallets aside, we began our little walkabout with some munchies, but of course.


Out of that fluorescent green and orange food truck comes the world’s most delicious BLT, the Pork Belly. I know it doesn’t look like much (and fyi, my husband and child just made fun of it, grr face), but trust me when I say it’s orgasmic. Those quiches in the first few pictures? Delish. Absolutely delish.


Entertainment in the form of a travelling, bare-footed, Franciscan-friar-habit-wearing guy.


If veggies were colours, these would form an edible rainbow.


Loads of people, which is always a good sign.


For the first time ever, a restaurant made an appearance.


Other interesting wares on sale.


My sillies.


And I got to meet Max. Say hello to Max 🙂

How are farmers’ markets where you live?  Where I come from (Sarawak), our farmers’ markets are so very different from the ones I’ve seen here. I should write about those some time soon.

Love, Sheela

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