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A Month To Remember

November has been a brilliant month. So many lovely things have happened. My cousin-in-law, Nadia, visited from Rome and it was such a pleasure to see her again. She’s a gem. We made little trips to San Antonio, NASA as well as Old Town Spring to show her the Texan side of things.


I also got to meet Rebecca Minkoff on the 21st and that was fairly surreal. What an amazing encounter. In my past, having worked in the luxury fashion and lifestyle sectors, I’ve been privileged to meet many international designers and I must say that Rebecca takes the crown in terms of being the most genuine. No airs whatsoever.


This month also marked my first fashion show since moving to Houston 🙂 I was fortunate to have tickets to Night 3 of Fashion Houston 5 and attended it (fourth row from the front) with Eve. Unbelievable.


I do realise you may have seen some of these photos already but hey, when epic things happen (of Herculean proportions, I might add), they’re worth repeating, yes?

How do you feel about the month just passed? Was it good for you? Share? 🙂

Love, Sheela

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