Month: December 2014

A Few Thoughts

730 days ago (I skipped this year, apparently), even as I shared my To Do List, I knew that many things were still left unwritten. And I’m glad 🙂 for me, a life that’s predictable isn’t a life worth living at all, yes? Back to the list, let’s see what my updates are:- 1) Attempt running – done and one. Before knee surgery, I was running on the middle school track regularly, and rather enjoying myself. I’ve tried the odd marathon but it’s hard when your legs are just inclined to go faster, faster, faster. I’m not claiming to be Olympic material (snort) but I know I’m simply not cut out for long distance pacing. (2) Eat a green or two or three – accomplished. Sorta. I do eat the occasional Spinach and Kale and Cabbage. Hey, cruciferous veggies are still veggies. On that note, though, I realise I need to change things. Not simply eat better but smarter. I recently received my DNAfit results (they were creepily accurate) and I now know the sort of …

Dressing My Age

What does that even mean? Do you know? Do you think it even matters? Are we such conformists that we yield to the twists and turns of societal perceptions? I’d like to think that I’m not. That I play by my own rules and I walk to the beat of my own drum, clichéd as it sounds. True, there are certain styles I wore then which I no longer do but that’s in direct correlation with how high or low I feel that specific look currently measures on the chic quotient. Let’s face it, we all did tacky and/or Dynasty shoulders at one point. No fibbing now. But no, I don’t abide by the adage of “dressing my age”. I do, however, try to remember a few guidelines when putting together an outfit. First commandment is comfort. Yes, comfort above all. Then there’s cut or fit, pick your poison, and after those two cornerstones come occasion which in turn, for me, dictates colour (or lack thereof), hemline heights, that sort of thing.  For instance, this …

Christmas Tales

If you’re like me, there’s just something about Christmas which puts the bounce in your step.  A goofy grin on the face.  The P in your pep.  Right? And while we invest time and (far too much) money in search of that perfect gift, I doubt anyone can contest the significance of the non tangible either.  Yes, there are times spent with crazy family members that we’d rather not remember quite that vividly but hey, for the most part, there are many moments to be cherished. Have you noticed how they tend to revolve around people and traditions? The way my Dad sings Joy To The World with an exaggerated country and western twang, for instance.  How collectively (my mum, my brother, myself), we’d create a new crib each year. From scratch. One year it was an oriental Madonna and child complete with red fans and pussy willows, the next year was a Middle Eastern holy family.  I also recall how after midnight mass, we’d converge at this late night hawker stall and have (what …

Of Pink, Plaid & Punk Chains

Dear Forever21, Lately, my every waking moment has been filled with thoughts of you.  Of the wondrous treasures that adorn your racks. I’m almost embarrassed (but not quite) to admit how many times your cash registers have rung for me over the past fortnight alone.  Or how they now know me by name at that specific F21 outlet.  Or that they text me when new stock in styles that appeal to me, arrive.   But how could I be blamed for an absolute lack of judgment in the face of such gloriousness? Surely, oh reader, you agree that resistance is absolutely futile under these circumstances? And that rational thought is, put simply, non existent? Shameless Sheela p/s Photos by Eve.  Slouchy Suede Boots from Shoedazzle.  Karla Deras Snakeskin Ring, Kate Spade Great Expectations Clutch and Chan Luu Liquid Metal Waterfall Necklace scored on Poshmark. pp/s And those, my friends, are the somewhat bloated bits of someone who’s just had knee surgery.  Trust me, they’re looking much better now 🙂

Cool Christmas Gifts

Buying presents used to be easy.  Painless, even.  That was before the Internet became so accessible and everyone became privy to, well, everything.  In this day and age, very little is new.  I suppose this circumstance does push one to look further, closer, deeper.  With that in mind, I’ve scoured the web, in search of lesser known gems.  Here’s what I found.  I hope you’re as enamoured of them as I (oh so) am.  Oh woe is my wallet GRIN 1.  I highly doubt any of us could lay claim to having never been stuck in a rut before (please don’t, pants ablaze isn’t a very good look) at least once in our lives.  Personally, I experience a loss of purpose and direction, on a fairly regular basis, and I imagine this holds true for the vast majority of the general populace.  If you’re like me and your life is occasionally in limbo, let me introduce you to Gala.  She’s helped many unlock the ability within and transform their lives from mundane to fully lived.  …

Cover Art

Abstract? Yes. Accurate? Most emphatically. My contribution to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge. Tell me what you see. Love, Sheela

Days 04 to 71, Post Knee Surgery

I know, I haven’t been keeping a daily journal of my house arrest. And that’s due to several really good reasons. First of all, the week of Day 03 was completely blurry. I’d developed a serious allergic reaction to the anesthesia as well as to the Hydrocodone prescribed for my pain. I ran a very high fever and my entire body was flushed red with rash. Icing on the cake? I was having problems breathing. We dashed (or rather, hobbled) to the doctor’s and I was given some additional meds for the violent nausea as well as the fever, all of which just made me loopy so I basically slept through that entire week. When I finally came to, the rash was gone. The fever had subsided. I could breathe normally again. And all that was left was the actual knee pain (yeah, it’s tenacious). Pain aside, mobility was greatly limited. Each time I tried to walk normally, my knee refused to co-operate. Each time I tried bending it, I felt as though my knee …

A Rose Tinted View

I was browsing websites of some high-profiled bloggers a few weekends ago. I do that often actually, in the hopes of picking up a few tips on how to act in front of the camera. Lord knows I could do with some help and heaps of variety 🙂 through the course of my recent fact-finding adventure, I realised how very similar many of their posts looked. Beautiful, yes. Perfectly captured, but of course. Professionally edited, definitely. So, my mind says, why don’t we come up with an entire #OOTD post featuring rose filters? Because, you know, la vie en rose and all that? While I do appreciate the quasi-artsy vibe of the photos, I do think they make it harder to appreciate the smaller details. Or perhaps I should just do more close-ups? What say you? Voilà. Fait accompli. Love, Sheela p/s photo credits Eve Low pp/s Anthropologie Dusky Rose Avant Pleated Top (available here), Brown & Black Capri Pants (customise your pair here), Yellow Marble Gold Tone Cuff (from here), Rings (old) and Convertible …


Be it a fall from grace or lineage or even a downward spiral into madness, interpretation of the word “descent” is many a varied thing.  Here’s mine. A part of the Daily Post’s weekly photography challenge.  Did I hit the spot? Love, Sheela

A Weekend In San Antonio

More pictures from our recent getaway. On board a riverwalk taxi.  It only took us four trips to San Antonio. Being all goofy. My shutterbug. Happy. Not the best of quality, I know, but I’m wearing my brand new Helmut Lang Jersey Top here with an equally mint Grey Leather Rebecca Minkoff Equestrian cuff. Other sights.   I’ll post more this week 🙂 I’ve just been little tired lately.  Tired and a wee bit swamped at work. Love, Sheela