Day: 5 Dec, 2014


Be it a fall from grace or lineage or even a downward spiral into madness, interpretation of the word “descent” is many a varied thing.  Here’s mine. A part of the Daily Post’s weekly photography challenge.  Did I hit the spot? Love, Sheela

A Weekend In San Antonio

More pictures from our recent getaway. On board a riverwalk taxi.  It only took us four trips to San Antonio. Being all goofy. My shutterbug. Happy. Not the best of quality, I know, but I’m wearing my brand new Helmut Lang Jersey Top here with an equally mint Grey Leather Rebecca Minkoff Equestrian cuff. Other sights.   I’ll post more this week 🙂 I’ve just been little tired lately.  Tired and a wee bit swamped at work. Love, Sheela