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Cool Christmas Gifts

Buying presents used to be easy.  Painless, even.  That was before the Internet became so accessible and everyone became privy to, well, everything.  In this day and age, very little is new.  I suppose this circumstance does push one to look further, closer, deeper.  With that in mind, I’ve scoured the web, in search of lesser known gems.  Here’s what I found.  I hope you’re as enamoured of them as I (oh so) am.  Oh woe is my wallet GRIN


1.  I highly doubt any of us could lay claim to having never been stuck in a rut before (please don’t, pants ablaze isn’t a very good look) at least once in our lives.  Personally, I experience a loss of purpose and direction, on a fairly regular basis, and I imagine this holds true for the vast majority of the general populace.  If you’re like me and your life is occasionally in limbo, let me introduce you to Gala.  She’s helped many unlock the ability within and transform their lives from mundane to fully lived.  I don’t blame you for that initial spurt of skepticism.  I’ll even overlook that teeny snort.  I admit I was wary myself until I subscribed to Radical Self Love Letters.  I shan’t load you with details but I will say that Gala’s Radical Self Love Bootcamp is the perfect gift.  Be it for yourself or for someone else.25339_zoom1

2.  Still on the subject of rejuvenation, how about this Wishing Jar?  From the creative couple known as Eric and Noelle Hendrick comes a quaint vessel, perfect for storing dreams and wishes.  Therapeutic even, those itty bitty bits of paper work as part of an exercise in growth and self-awareness, encouraging you to attain your heart’s desire.  Being handmade, each clay charmer is unique, like you.  Just as it should be.  And at $100 per, Wishing Jars won’t weigh too heavily on the wallet.

Sally Platt

3.  What do you do when what you lust after is well beyond your financial reach?  And you don’t really want to ask anyone to buy it for you because that’s just the sort of person you are? Here’s how I handle it – I head over to The Lust List. With sketches ranging from Valentino Rockstud Heels to Chanel face powder compacts and Veuve Clicquot Champagne to Hermès cuffs, all priced between $25-$100, you can indulge in temporary yet instant gratification without breaking the bank or affecting the mortgage or, and perhaps most importantly, rocking the marital boat.


4.  Give the gift of something unexpected.  I’m talking about Archery lessons.  Or learning how to play the Drums, for instance.  Or a studio session wherein you walk away with a recording of you singing a (or, your) song.  How to read Tarot cards.

5.  Visit It’s a treasure trove of the most unique stuff, ever.

Have my ideas incited interest in you?  I hope so, I know they’ll be helping me since I haven’t finished buying presents for other people (I spent way too much money over the weekend on self-gifting but that’s a tale for another time).  What about you?  Are you all done shopping?  Say you aren’t so I feel better?

Love, Sheela

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