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Dressing My Age

What does that even mean?

Do you know?

Do you think it even matters? Are we such conformists that we yield to the twists and turns of societal perceptions? I’d like to think that I’m not. That I play by my own rules and I walk to the beat of my own drum, clichéd as it sounds. True, there are certain styles I wore then which I no longer do but that’s in direct correlation with how high or low I feel that specific look currently measures on the chic quotient. Let’s face it, we all did tacky and/or Dynasty shoulders at one point. No fibbing now.

But no, I don’t abide by the adage of “dressing my age”. I do, however, try to remember a few guidelines when putting together an outfit. First commandment is comfort. Yes, comfort above all. Then there’s cut or fit, pick your poison, and after those two cornerstones come occasion which in turn, for me, dictates colour (or lack thereof), hemline heights, that sort of thing.  For instance, this shift dress? It has to be the closest to that “wearing nothing” sensation I’ve ever experienced. For someone who has skin so sensitive she goes for fortnightly injections, fabrics that are kind to the skin is such a boon. And who doesn’t appreciate a hat for those I-couldn’t-be-bothered-forgot-to-wash-my-hair days?


I also have a fondness for spikes, wood, leather, plaid and anything Westwood. Or Stefani. Fetishes which oddly (and quaintly) came to play only after I turned 30. Food for thought for another tale?

Of course, you have those in the limelight to whom we turn, time and again for sartorial inspiration, such as Kate Moss, but honestly? I much prefer referencing real women.  Especially these rather amazing ladies. Are they not the epitome of NOT dressing their age but rather, of paying homage to their oh-so-unique personalities?


The Citizen Rosebud


Accidental Icon


Fabulous Femme


Tamera Beardsley


My Midlife Fashion


Blue Hue Wonderland (who, sadly, no longer blogs)

I’m SO glad I wrote this piece. It paved the way for stumbling upon those fabulous women just profiled, who aren’t your typical Pretty Young Thing, but who could easily give the latter a run for their style money.

Who have you discovered lately?

Love, Sheela


  1. Wow Sheela I feel incredibly honoured to have been included by yourself & with all these fabulous ladies.
    I truly believe that fashion is a great way of expressing yourself & as you grow older you’re less worried about dressing for others & fitting in but dress in clothes that make you happy. After all fashion is about having fun!
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion


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  3. tamerabeardsley says

    So honored my dear to be included with such stylish women … especially the very fabulous Accidental Icon!

    A wonderfully written post … and I couldn’t agree more! The older I get the more I appreciate the fine art of personal style.

    Wishing you a New Year full of joy and abundance!



    • That and a growing sense of confidence has, personally, helped me break away from societal perceptions. I’m still more comfy behind the camera than in front of it but I’ve come to enjoy certain aspects of the peacocking, and I feel emboldened by the fact that there are already so many, such as yourself, executing it with great poise and panache. Inspirational. Happy 2015 to you and yours, Tamera xoxo


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  10. No Fear of Fashion says

    This takes me back in time! Bella (always so unique and quirky), and Ann (fabulous blog, fabulous photos, great style). Two bloggers I followed with high interest. The outfit of Lyn is breathtakingly beautiful. Fabulous Femme… Well these words describe her and her outfit perfectly. Jane (Midlife Fashion) immediately makes me think “Can I copy that? Do I have these items in my closet? But even if I have, will they look this good on me?” Tamera is a queen in accessorizing and looking beautiful (always). And last but certainly not least, you. Looking so free, fun, comfortable, confident and attractive. Lots of words, but I meant everything. Hats suit you by the way. And your boots collection…. Imelda would envy you.


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