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A Few Thoughts

730 days ago (I skipped this year, apparently), even as I shared my To Do List, I knew that many things were still left unwritten. And I’m glad 🙂 for me, a life that’s predictable isn’t a life worth living at all, yes? Back to the list, let’s see what my updates are:-

1) Attempt running – done and one. Before knee surgery, I was running on the middle school track regularly, and rather enjoying myself. I’ve tried the odd marathon but it’s hard when your legs are just inclined to go faster, faster, faster. I’m not claiming to be Olympic material (snort) but I know I’m simply not cut out for long distance pacing.

(2) Eat a green or two or three – accomplished. Sorta. I do eat the occasional Spinach and Kale and Cabbage. Hey, cruciferous veggies are still veggies. On that note, though, I realise I need to change things. Not simply eat better but smarter. I recently received my DNAfit results (they were creepily accurate) and I now know the sort of foods that suit me best from both dietary as well as fitness perspectives. Based on the reports, I’m in a better position to revise my lifestyle and exploit the best of me, genetically-speaking.

(3) Bitch less ~ well, bitch quietlyinsert big (self-explanatory) sigh. EPIC fail thus far.

(4) Wear more blues and greens and yellows – Blues, check. Greens and Yellows, not so much.

(5) Read blogs other than my own – check!!! I’ve made so many new friends too.

(6) Tackle flats (ya, right) – I honestly doubt this will ever happen.

(7) Get another tattoo – not yet.

(8) Learn to love my freckles (yes, they’re freckles not age spots) – I forgot about this one. Does that mean I accept them now? Acceptance can be construed as love, yes? I mean, look at how much they’re showing in the featured image and I’m not even cringing? GRIN

(9) Bake my first bread – working on it.

(10) Love more – I don’t know? I’m hoping I have 🙂

I’m looking forward to 2015 for many reasons and here are just some of them.

This is the year I hope to understand my skin condition better. Help my hair grow back again. Make progress in terms of therapy. Stop flying by the seat of my pants be it for work or personal. Find inner peace (something I’ve prayed for since I was 12, 13). Tell the people I love that I love them, often, even if it gets too sappy for them. Resist being pissed so quickly. Record memories, always. Accept the way I look. Stop being afraid of success. Stop being afraid of being wrong. Stop being afraid of being right. This is the year I fall in love with and accept myself. Freckles et al.

I’m also very pleased to share thoughts from a few incredible people I know 🙂


Kathy Adams says, “If I had a do-over, it’d be my drivers license picture! Does anyone ever take a good license picture?! Hello!”


Shasie Turner would love to travel more, “Particularly to Paris, France, Milan, Italy, and Greece. Oh and lose weight. Find love. Buy a house.”


Fen explains why having a fight with her husband was the best thing that happened in 2014, Realising that I’ve been a giant DUW this whole time. While I’ve always put the children first, I realize it’s nothing unless we have the foundations.”

SAMSUNG CSC Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Liyana lists all the new things she’d love to explore in the coming year, “Bright purple lipsticks, maybe? Just kidding. Or maybe not. I’m excited to try out new recipes! I’m into baking (I like the result more than the process though) but weirdly, all the baking I’ve done was in my mother’s kitchen. I really, really need to learn how to use my own oven! Either that or learn how football really works (some of you might refer to it as “soccer”)—I can’t keep asking my husband what offside really means now, can I?”


Katrina is a woman after my own heart, “In 2015 I am going to extend myself. Expand my brand. I believe you should never put all your eggs in one basket. You can’t succeed if you don’t even try.”

What about you? What’s on the horizon for you as we count down the hours?

Love, Sheela

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