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Just Another Day

When I woke up this morning, I wasn’t certain if I was supposed to feel something different. It was, afterall, the second day of a brand new year. And, in truth, I felt precisely the same as I had 24, no, 48 hours before that. How different things were when I was a child. Then, the air was simply electric with excitement. Palpable, even. What changed? As is often the case with other sensory capabilities, have we become blasé with age?

That said, I wasn’t quite in the mood for deep, philosophical thoughts. Nor did I feel at all inclined to pen a “serious” post. Instead, I thought it’d bode much better to kickstart 2015 with an outfit post 🙂

Such frivolity, you say. And why ever not? Oftentimes, lighthearted fun is the best gift we can give ourselves. Nothing deep. No requirement whatsoever of prolonged thought. Fashion is just that (or it ought to be). It’s not something you need to ponder and agonise over. It’s an outward manifestation of one’s personality and should therefore be, well, fun.


A carefree vibe was what I strove for in this ensemble. Carefree with a touch of sporty. And generous splashes of haste because it was unbelievably chilly outside today. Tell me if you think I achieved that. I’m always up for a chat on the blog.

Happy 2015!! Love, Sheela

p/s Photos by Eve.  B&W Window Pane Striped Top from Forever21 (sold out, options here and here). Rehab Long Sleeve Top with Leather Cuffs as well as Rebecca Minkoff Metallic Pink Skinny MAC Clutch purchased on Poshmark, and Noriko Ankle Booties from GX by Gwen Stefani on Shoedazzle. 


  1. The Sartorial Coquette says

    Fashion should be fun! Your outfit is amazing – i love the minkoff, and the shoes are to die for 😀 have an amazing new year!! ❤
    instagram; the_ch1ara 🙂


    • Thanks so much, Chiara 🙂 you’re around the same age as my daughter so I take your compliments as high praise indeed. Afterall, next to young children, teenagers are quite expressive when it comes to fashion, and what they think looks good/bad so again, thank you. And Happy 2015!!


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