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The Rainbow Lodge

A few days ago, I reviewed my 2013 resolutions (yes yes, I skipped a year) and documented my progress. Now, I’d like to talk about a less abstract objective, that being how I want my style to evolve this year. For one, there are a few things I swore I’d never try but (shudder) I shall in 2015. Or die trying. Or endure a penalty not as physically taxing but no less painful.

Hence the birth of a new column I shall baptise as What Would Sheela Wear (WWSW).

Here’s where I walk the tightrope of reality. Teeter, on occasion, but not fall. Be a little costumey even. It’s where I shrug off all fraudulent pretense of “this old rag? I just threw it together without a thought”, and go on character trips through fashion.

Today’s debut What Would Sheela Wear segment highlights what I wore to New Year’s Eve Dinner at the Rainbow Lodge. This is a gorgeous, palatial-esque log cabin, 100 years old, sprawled across an acre of grounds. Imagine a luxurious snow lodge in the white mountains. Replace snow with three enormous fireplaces and a fresh herb garden just outside. Then partake of the visual juxtaposition between hunting/fishing collectibles on the walls and the sharp city chic vibe of crisp Virgin White Linen. Welcome to the Rainbow Lodge, my friend.

It felt only right to wear something ski bunny-ish with a dark twist (think Diana, Goddess of the Hunt), glammed up.


Did I hit the mark, you think? I’ll write about what we ate in a separate post πŸ™‚ it was unforgettable, I tell you, and I’m forever beholden to OpenTable because, yup, that’s how I found the Rainbow Lodge.

Love, Sheela

p/s My Shaggy Yeti Jacket is from Style Nanda (similar here, here, here and here) but I can’t remember where the rest of my outfit is from. Oy. Boots, I remember, they’re from Bakers and a gift from my man (similar here). Tri-Druzy Ring from House of Harlow, the others were scored on Poshmark. Oh and my Wool Hat? Perry Ellis (similar here and here). And as always, photo credits to Eve.

pp/s The birth of this new column seemed also a timely moment to participate in The Style Crone’s tongue-in-cheek chic monthly challenge, Hat Attack πŸ™‚


  1. stylecrone says

    I was so happy to see your gorgeous face with hat on Hat Attack! Thank you for sharing. Love your blog and the ensembles that you chose for The Rainbow Lodge.


    • Oh wow, thank you so very much, Judith πŸ™‚ I have this massive girl crush on your hats and the way you style them, and I was pleased as punch to have a hat post I could share! I’ll let you know that, thanks to you, I’m now inspired to shop for more head adornments xoxo


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