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My 2015 Style Agenda

Like many, I ended 2014 talking about resolutions (here and here) but as mentioned to my friend Marlene, I made a conscious decision to not make any for the next 12 months. I know I’ll be completely despondent when I don’t keep any of them (it’s with dead certainty that I know I shan’t be able to keep any, let alone a list) so I decided to not even put together a list to begin with. However, I’m making a conscious decision (wow, two in a row) to work on my style objectives for 2015. I conceptualised. I strategised. I devised a timeline. And came up with my Style Agenda for 2015.

Here’s what I have in mind.

(1)  I want to wear things I’ve never tried before. Crop Tops. Palazzo Pants. Sneakers. A poufy Tulle Skirt. The colours Yellow and Neon Green. Boyfriend Jeans (BIG maybe). A Jumpsuit. Sequins, without looking (too much) like a throwback to the 80s.

(2) And I want to wear more of what makes me feel like I could fly. Leather. The colour Red. Form-flattering, not form-squishing. Ankle Booties with hidden platforms. Comfy, super comfy stuff. Midi dresses. More leather.

(3) I want to be adventurous with make-up. As in actually using it beyond Brow Pencil and Lippy. Some fancy blending on the lids, some creative shading on the cheeks and, different pouts. Barely there shades for the lips. Bold, bright hues for the eyes like Gold and Red. Let me use this quote from Lyn which puts it beautifully, “Celebrate risk taking and going for it”, and that’s sort of what I’m aiming for. To start the adventure, I’ve purchased around $300 of spent quite a bit on colours and tools so help me God, I’m going to make this work. Nothing like putting money into the equation to get me to actually do something. If I had to fault someone, I’d blame Keiko. She does such wondrous things with cosmetics that one can’t help but be compelled to try. I mean, thanks to her, I actually acquired a brow brush, brow shadow powder thingy and a brow primer in the last month (Christmas Gift Lists for the children are welcomed all around). In short, when things arrive, you’ll start to see sporadic make-up posts here. Not tutorials, heavens, no, more along the lines of experiments and outcomes.

(4) I want to show my face and neck more love. That means no more going to bed with make-up still on. Or skipping the toner. Since December, I’ve been using the Shiseido Bio-Performance Advanced Super Restoring Cream and it’s a miracle worker. My skin is silky smooth, hydrated and, under the right lighting, dewy. I’m still working on the puffiness and dark circles but (at my dermatologist’s recommendation) have recently started slathering on A.G.E. Eye Complex Mature Treatment Cream from Skinceuticals. Let’s see how that progresses.

(5) I want to explore  different styles for my hair. I like it long and I doubt I’ll ever go any shorter (clearly I’m no colour virgin) but I’m eager to have a braid, a bun, a ponytail (or whatever they call it these days). Pinned. Adorned. Everything 🙂

(6) I want to have fun. To just relax. Dressing-up almost feels like a chore these days, what with having to consider how something photographs. The lines, the angles. Impact. Is there sufficient too much drama? Is it blah? Have I struck this pose once too often? Are my combinations getting predictable? To pout or not? So, while all these elements remain important, my priority will be to enjoy myself. Plain and simple.

Did you put together a similar list? I’m hoping that by sharing it, I’ll have to keep to it. Check in with me every now and again, see if I’ve strayed.

Love, Sheela


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