Purple & Green

This is the most make-up I’ve ever had on my face since, lord, I don’t know? Since I was 17? Apparently, the older I get, the less goo I apply and putting the stuff on was hard work. A lot of hard work. I know I said I was waiting for a haul to arrive but I was raring to start experimenting so I did, with what I had on hand. Note that the colours I used are very old. Most of them aren’t even available anymore (I’m throwing them out soon, I’m pretty certain they’re not supposed to smell that way) but I kept them because once upon a time, in another life, I was in charge of PR for the brands listed in this post #memories

Back to the face. A few thoughts gleaned from this experiment:-

(1) However a look you wish to end up with, multiply that by at least 5 to achieve the desired intensity of colours.

(2) Primers are pivotal. Concealers too. Clearly, I used neither.

(3) Clean, white backdrops are preferable. They provide a clean foil for all those colours.

(4) Taking selfies with your iPhone for the purposes of showing a make-up project isn’t the smartest thing in the world to do.

(5) In the AFTER shot, wear something which either brings out your key colour or echoes it.

(6) Be a little more creative with the do. Hair needs to be out of the way but not utterly blah. I’m fairly confident this list will expand but that’s what I have for now.


I went at this without a clear objective in mind. I wasn’t focused on emphasising any particular feature but as I progressed, I realised I was making the eyes the focal point and just stayed with it.


I used Vincent Longo New York Honey Dream Glimmer Eyeshadow as a base (similar here in Dawn Flesh, a shimmery nude), all over the lid up to just below the brow.


I then applied Poison Apple* up to the crease line and blended Oak Moss* at the crease line itself. Blended as smoothly as I could. I smudged Black Widow* into the corners. I touched up the brow area again with Honey Dream to balance it out. Try the Etherea trio for size.image

I penciled in Anna Sui’s Aubergine Eye Pencil on both top and bottom lash lines (just the outer half for the latter) then smudged to soften. This and this come very close.


Here’s how I looked after about 45 minutes???


It seems a lot but really, it’s such a light, easy look.


Swirled on Cover Girl’s Rose Silk Blush right on the cheekbones, in upward motions. I like this one too.


Soft Pink Lips by virtue of Revlon’s Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Lovesick. This one from Tarte looks pretty yums.


And we’re done. Fait accompli!! .


Come, come, it wouldn’t be me without at least one goofy face, yes?

Love, Sheela

* these are from Sobe Botanicals on Etsy


2 Replies to “Purple & Green”

    1. You do??? Awesome!! I felt completely ancient, imagining everything I used as having been discontinued GRIN it’s good to know someone else has it 🙂 incidentally, that JLo post you have with her in the Nude sweater + leather pencil skirt? How exquisite is that palette? I must give it a try!! xoxo


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