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Just Do It

Is any one else psyched to get cracking on their resolutions? I, for one, am all set to make good on my Style Agenda for 2015. I want to get things started. I need to get things started otherwise nothing will be achieved and this time next year, I’d have chalked the entire experience down to two words. Epic fail.

What I had in mind was to start small.


Perhaps a new pair of sneakers? That doesn’t sound too ambitious, even if somewhat far-fetched for the sartorial likes of me. I thought if I got these, I could combine several objectives namely sneakers with sequins. Ish. I take it as a sign from God that my size is sold out and hunt on. Another cool possibility is this pair but sleep might prove elusive me when memories of the price tag come back to haunt me late at night (would you be willing to fork out that much for a pair that resembles what we wore to school, albeit on the spiffy end of the spectrum?). I sort of fancy these too and these, and I’m certainly quite intrigued by these. Incidentally, why aren’t there any with some semblance of a platform for those of us who are vertically challenged? Wait, these look as though they could fit the bill. Arrgghh, the price, the price, it blinds my eyes (ooh that rhymes, and that too!).

These are DELISH and easy on the wallet, I could oh so easily go up half a size for them. Oh oh oh, these as well!!! I’m such a magpie #unapologetic

Assuming I sport my imaginary pair of sneakers once, maybe twice, I really ought to think much more modestly when it comes to the budget. This pair is an ideal candidate but, naturally, it’s sold out. This pair is yet another serious contender.

I don’t know.

I’m stumped.

Should I bite the bullet and just do it?

Indecisively, Sheela

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