Can I get any cornier? Sadly, I do believe I can. Easily.

Make-up. This time, I had a plan. I wanted loud, shimmery eyes and a pale lip, a look I’ve never ever tried before. In the past, it was always either smokey eyes or kabuki red lips.

Montage 1

I started with the face already prepped with MAC Mineralise Loose Foundation Powder in Medium (this is my daily go to). I use MAC Brush #182 for this, and yes I know it’s meant for blushes but it just smooths the powder on ever so evenly. Then I covered the lid with Lucid from Kat Von D’s Chrysalis Palette. Next was Thrash from Urban Decay’s Electric Pigment Palette (love, love, love) which I applied all over the crease area.

Montage 2

Next, I smudged Make Up For Eve Artist Shadow in Matt Black in the corners right through to just before the centre of the lid, and blended as best I could. I used quite a bit of this to achieve the intensity I was looking for. Then, it was a matter of lining the upper lash area, very generously I might add, with Fool’s Gold from the Kat Von D Starry Eyes Autograph Pencil Set. It’s sold out in most places but you can find a mint box here.

Another thing I did which you can’t quite see from here is that, using an angled brush, I lined the bottom lash area with both Matt Black as well as Lucid.


Here’s a close-up. It does seem a tad overpowering but as I was saying, you really need to load it on for pictures because the camera has a way of making painted faces look washed out and pale.


I used Savage (also from Urban Decay’s Electric Pigment Palette) on my cheeks.


This is how I looked with the eyes and cheeks done. I completely forgot to take pictures of the lips before applying lipstick but essentially, I used my concealer over the lips to make them as close in colour to the rest of my face as possible. Then dusted with loose powder and applied lipstick.


Tadah. All done 🙂 for the lips, it was MAC Lustre Lipstick in Photo. I bought mine on Poshmark, brand new. Oh and loads of L’oreal Mascara, top and bottom lashes.


Under natural lighting.

Do you like it? I do, quite a bit actually. Or did you prefer the previous one wherein the colours were, generally speaking, more discernible?

Love, Sheela

p/s I am, once again, guilty of committing the cardinal sin of forgetting primer and concealer.


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    1. Thanks very much, Anna, it’s not so much a tutorial as a post experiment report, truth be told. I’m really enjoying playing with make-up, something I completely disregarded when I was younger. Late bloomer, am I 😉

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